Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you decided to join the military?
The number one reason I joined was to serve my country in order to protect our values and freedom. When I was about 15 years old, I knew that I would eventually join. I officially joined at the age of 19, while I was in college.

How long were you in the military and what branch did you serve in?
I served as an officer for 26 years in both the Active Army and Full-Time Army National Guard.  My career included positions of increasing responsibility, culminating as a Deputy Commander (Executive Director) and Battalion Commander of the Eastern ARNG Aviation Training Site. I was also the president of the board at the Aviation School, where I was put in charge of hiring and developing new officers and instructor pilots.

What are some of the top life lessons you learned while in the military?
I learned the cost of freedom. As you serve and go about your normal duties in the military in various foreign countries, you begin to reflect and realize how much of a price was already paid by the people before to give us what we have. You start to realize the bigger picture of what the total cost has been to maintain the freedoms that we have. Other countries that we visit don’t have those freedoms; you begin to associate history and that cost over time.

How has your past experience from being active in the military helped you succeed as a business owner?
The discipline from the military translates to business very well. It gives you the ability to be organized and persistent.

Why did you choose to open a Right at Home franchise, and what about business ownership appealed to you?
I was part of the journey of my father’s last two years of his life and I coordinated and provided for his care until he passed away this year. In the process of doing that, I had to be very closely associated with every step in the process and I dealt with health care agencies, memory care facilities, hospice agencies and I had to visit many different assisted living facilities. I got exposed to the industry as a whole and I realized how much of a demand there was for home health care and I saw what it did for my family. I saw how much it helped and relieved the burden and I wanted to provide that for other people.

Business ownership appealed to me because it gives the ability to directly affect destiny. I also enjoy the challenge of building a business in the free enterprise system.

Do you work with many veteran clients? If so, do they have a compelling story we can share? Is there a special bond between the client and caregiver? Any caregivers who are Vets who are taking care of Clients who are Vets?
We just recently completed the paper work to receive military veterans as clients from the VA hospital. We are now officially certified to do that and we hope to attract more military veterans as clients.   

It gives me a great source of pride to know that I can provide personal care to a veteran who has sacrificed so much for this country and I have the opportunity to comfort them near the end of their life. It’s an honor and a privilege.