Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you decided to join the military?
Soon after starting college, I enrolled in the U.S. military where I actively served for two years and then went on to spend four years in the active reserve. Upon leaving the military in 1975, I re-enrolled at Temple University and received my business degree with a focus in economics. I started working in corporate America in 1981, and for 28 years held a myriad of positions including jobs at Ingersoll Rand, MASCO Corporation and Franke Consumer Products.

How long were you in the military and what branch did you serve in?
I served in the United States Air Force from 1973-1979.

What are some of the top life lessons you learned while in the military?
In the Air Force, I learned to follow instructions, to pay attention to detail and I learned personal and professional discipline.

How has your past experience from being active in the military helped you succeed as a business owner?
When it comes to franchising, you’re not creating a business from scratch; you’re following a formula. The ability to follow a franchise blueprint is what helps determine success. The discipline and attention to detail I learned in my military education has transferred to my business and I believe that is why I’ve seen such success.  

Why did you choose to open a Right at Home franchise, and what about business ownership appealed to you?
After putting in nearly 30 years, I decided that I wanted the freedom of owning my own business and the satisfaction of impacting my local community. I always wanted to try something on my own, I just never knew what it was going to be. I would have never thought it’d be this, but I love what I do.

Do you work with many veteran clients? If so, do they have a compelling story we can share? Is there a special bond between client and caregiver? Any caregivers who are Vets who are taking care of clients who are Vets?
We’re a preferred provider of in-home care to the Department of Veteran Affairs and currently have 19 veteran clients that came directly through referrals with that partnership. As the preferred agency in the Berks County area, we are assigned veteran clients through the Lebanon Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Our job is to go to their homes and help them with everything they need, like showering, bathing and grooming. The veteran is never billed; the medical center handles all the financing through separate processes.

We became the premier provider for the Department of Veteran Affairs in 2012 when several veterans were transferred to Right at Home after complaints were made against the alternate in-home care companies being used.

The Veterans Aid and Attendance program is a pension program that is also available to veterans and their spouses. This program helps veterans and their families who require the attendance of another person to assist with daily tasks such as eating, bathing and dressing. The process is usually handled by the family of the veteran or the power of attorney. We can also assist veterans, or families of veterans, get the right documents prepared for submittal and offer advice on how to proceed through the process.

I think veterans share a common ground, and though military experience varies, we all have a mutual respect and degree of perfection to which we abide by because that’s what was demanded from us in the military. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to relate to WWII Veterans because that’s a whole different breed of military work, but it’s fun talking to those guys. They have the most amazing stories about the war and just sitting down with them is an honor.