In today’s economic times with layoffs being the norm, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking only about how this affects you personally. That’s justifiable, because there are bills to pay, kids’ college funds to worry about, and the overall stress that comes from not having income (or the potential of not having income if you are still “waiting” to be laid off).

Our Right at Home franchisees talk a lot about how fulfilled they are in their role as a business owner. The obvious reason is because they are allowing their clients to stay in their homes and remain independent. But, there is another reason they are so satisfied – they are providing employment to those who need it. Many Right at Home franchisees have approximately 100 caregivers, with some of the larger operations employing up to 300. That’s a lot of lives to have a positive impact on.

So, that’s the message for today’s post. By owning an in home care business like Right at Home, you can count on having a positive impact not only on the clients, families, and caregivers of those you serve, but also on the caregivers that you employ. Here’s a great article from the Charlotte Observer on that very topic.

Good luck as you continue your research!