I’m always amazed at the quality of people that we attract. This group at today’s Discovery Day has such a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all have a common theme – they want to create a business out of helping others. Among the group are a former nuclear submarine captain, a couple of recent college graduates, two motorcycle enthusiasts (one who disguises himself as an accountant!), and a couple planning a mission trip to South America to provide healthy water for a struggling community. There are 11 people in total, which is our largest group for Discovery Day this year.

Allen Hager, our founder, is talking with the group right now. Discovery Day always adds a remarkable sort of energy to the building. Working with people at such an important time in their lives has a way of invigorating everyone!

While I’m posting this, I’d also like to congratulate Josh Greenburg, our franchisee who opened recently in Folsom Lake, CA – just north of Sacramento. Josh just starting providing care to his first client last night. Go Josh!

Also, please stay tuned – our office in Brazil will be open very soon! As a result of our new found international presence, the official Right at Home office pool for the World Cup started the other day – I drew South Africa. I’m going to google now to see what my chances of winning are!