After nearly 20 years since we first opened our doors, Right at Home has been very fortunate to have found great people to help us develop a wealth of information to make our company a strong one.  From the 5 countries and 41 states that we currently operate in, to the 200+ franchisees all coming from different walks of life, our exceptional team has worked together to create an information machine that continues to improve as we feed it more data and experience. 

 One of the many things that set Right at Home apart from other senior care franchises is the rich experience our entire staff has developed over the years. When you consider just the employees in our Support department, which are the folks who work directly with our franchisees every day, we average nearly 12 years of healthcare experience per employee in that group!  Even outside the Support department, our nearly 50 staff members at the corporate office have a deep understanding of the industry and average over 8 years of health care experience per employee – even our accountant has spent 12 years with Right at Home and worked as a caregiver in the original office in Omaha. Because so many of our franchisees have come to us without healthcare experience, it adds peace of mind for them to know that our staff, from top to bottom, has vast experience in this industry.

 Something else that people appreciate is that three out of four of our team of regional managers are previous business owners – and the one who hasn’t been a business owner has 27 years of healthcare experience. The fact that the people who provide day to day assistance have relevant healthcare and business experience gives our franchisees comfort in knowing that they are getting support from individuals who truly understand the industry and business in general.

 We’ve worked diligently to ensure that we have the appropriate staff with the experience necessary to effectively support our franchisees.  Here are just a couple of examples of our outstanding staff that I’d like to highlight:

Sharon Weeks is one of our Financial Support Specialists and has been with Right at Home since 2004.  As her title suggests, Sharon is known for being “all things numbers,” but she really is so much more than that.  Sharon has excelled at building strong relationships with our franchisees over the years.  If you want to know what’s going on in the lives of any of our established franchisees, Sharon is who you turn to.  We pride ourselves on getting to know our franchisees; Sharon is a great example of this. And it’s not surprising that she knows so much about them. Sharon’s job entails helping franchisees establish their payroll and accounting systems before they open, which requires several hours of setup time.  By the time your financial systems are setup, Sharon knows you pretty well!

John Doona is one of our Franchise Support Specialists and has been with us since 2002.  John helps our franchisees with day to day questions and always does so with a smile on his face.  John joined Rightat Home just two years after we began franchising, so he has seen how we have made changes to improve the system and has been an integral part of our development. He has also worn a lot of hats over the years, which makes him a perfect fit for his current role. 

There are several options out there when looking at the in-home care industry. However, I challenge you to find a company that has the same level of experience as our staff. We’ve been in business since 1995, and we’ve been franchising since 2000. Many of the companies in our space today are startups, and we have learned a lot in our 12 years of experience franchising, so our franchisees know that they will receive effective, relevant and accurate advice.   Franchisees appreciate knowing that there are very few situations that we haven’t encountered before. 

With nearly 50 corporate office employees and 200+ franchise owners continuing to feed information into our business model, we will continue to evolve and improve as time goes on.  We recognize how fortunate we are to have so many people who take pride in their work here at Right at Home and look forward to continuing that passion for our work into the future.