How long has Right at Home been in business?

Right at Home was founded in 1995 by Allen Hager in Omaha, Nebraska.

How many locations do you have?

We have over 500 locations in eight countries. Click here to see our established locations and where we want to grow.

What is the investment and minimum financial requirements?

The estimated initial investment in a Right at Home franchise is $78,250 – $137,900. You must have access to $150,000 liquid capital to be considered for approval.

How long does it take to open for business?

Typically, 3-4 months in most states.

What experience do I need to be considered for approval?

We have franchise owners from a wide variety of backgrounds. We look for enthusiastic people with management experience who have a strong desire to be fulfilled in their work while also providing a valuable service to others in their community. Franchisees must also find value in continuous learning and coaching, and be willing to follow established processes and procedures that are based on best practices.

Can this be a home-based business?

No, you will lease a small office space that will serve as your main office for managing the business and recruitment of caregivers.

Can I be an absentee owner?

No, this is an owner-operator model. As the business grows, you may hire an operations manager.

What would a typical day look like as a franchise owner?

The answer to this depends upon how long your business has been open, how many customers you have, and several other factors. For a new owner, most of your time will be spent on marketing, sales, recruitment, and meeting with families. Being active and visible in the community is also important at any stage, so you should plan on spending a lot of time establishing and growing your brand locally as an expert in senior care by working with local aging and civic organizations.

Will I have a territory?

Your Designated Area (see FDD for details) will consist of approximately 15,000 – 30,000 people over the age of 65. Click here to see if your preferred territory is available.

How does the business generate revenue?

Right at Home offices generate revenue by matching qualified caregivers with families who need help caring for an aging loved one. Caregivers are typically billed to the family on an hourly basis, and execute a care plan that is customized for each client based on their need.

How much money can I make?

While there’s no guarantee to how your business will perform, our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) includes a detailed summary of the historical performance of our franchisees which includes revenues, gross margin, and other relevant information. This document is made available to you very early in our process, after you have completed the personal profile.

What makes Right at Home different from other home care companies?

With programs such as RightTransitions and RightCare, which are part of our proprietary care delivery system, along with a strong culture of helping others and a business model based on the experience of former Hospital Administrator Allen Hager, Right at Home has created tremendous momentum that will be difficult for other companies to match.

What type of training do you provide?

We see our training and support program as the stepping stone to providing excellent care for those who need it. It starts with two full weeks of professional training in our Franchise System Support Center located in Omaha, Nebraska. You also get a dedicated RightStart Manager whose sole purpose is to work with new franchisees and get you educated and profitable as quick as possible.

What is my next step?

Request more information here.