Climbing the corporate ladder can be fun for a while, but it can also lose its appeal as time goes on. Moving and uprooting your family creates lots of new challenges logistically as well as emotionally for families, especially when your employer is the catalyst for your chosen geography. After living the American Dream in leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and managing large accounts at a Big 5 Accounting firm, Jim Fredericks and his wife Brooke knew it was time to take control of their own destiny. Why not take their experience and build a business for themselves instead of working for others?

Married for 34 years, Jim and Brooke met in the Air Force in the foreign language school where they utilized their training to study the military capabilities of other nations. While the military service taught them invaluable lessons in leadership, camaraderie, respecting others, and establishing order, both Jim and Brooke have a strong sense of family and genuinely wanted to help others. Since they were young children, they had strong affinities for spending time with their elders. Jim worked in a nursing home where his great grandmother lived and played piano for the residents. He also took up bridge at an early age and began playing with friendly senior competitors almost triple his age. Brooke spent much of her early life with her grandmother, who lived across the street.

After living all over the country and working corporate jobs for years, the two decided it was time to make a final move (this time on their terms), settling the family in Ashland, OR just as their youngest daughter was going into high school. And with this change came opportunity. “We wanted a path we could control, so that brought us to franchising,” Jim said. When they began researching franchises, they found Right at Home and were immediately attracted to the brand’s thought leadership and ongoing support. They saw how they could parlay their corporate and life experience into a meaningful business.

In 2011, the Fredericks were offered a franchise with Right at Home – adding to the group of over 30 Veterans who already own a Right at Home franchise. For the first four years, Brooke lead the business as the sole owner and administrator. After the business took off, Jim knew it was time to join Brooke, to take on the office management and staffing responsibilities. In that first year of running it as a team, they saw an impressive 50% growth.

Like the rest of our Franchise Owners, the Fredericks believe in finding Success with Significance ®. Strong ethical standards are just the beginning. For Jim, the key to success is taking everything as a learning experience to grow from. “You need to know how to learn; no one is an expert,” Jim said.

If you’re ready for a meaningful career change like Jim and Brooke were, learn more about Right at Home franchising here.