Lisa and Terry Jeffers

Lisa Jeffers turned her experience working for elder adult clients into owning her own franchise when she joined Right at Home in 2009.

Prior to becoming a Franchise Owner, she worked for the Department of Social Services investigating cases of elder abuse. It was a tough job, but one she loved because she was always drawn to helping seniors live better lives – including aging family members. Jeffers’s personal and professional experiences inspired her to pursue a home-care based franchise.

“When I began looking at franchise opportunities for senior care and home health care, I looked at almost a dozen different concepts,” said Jeffers. “But Right at Home was different. Their culture showed me that they have a heart for the business.”

Houston Therapy DogNow as a Right at Home Franchise Owner in Yucaipa, California, she helps improve the quality of life for everyone involved with her business. “We always talk about Success With Significance,” Jeffers said. “Success is often defined by the business wins, but the significance comes in by bringing more livelihood to clients, their families, and caregivers.” Beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of running her own business, Jeffers works with the local Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s associations to improve the lives of others in her community.

Helping her with her quest to make everyone’s day a little brighter is her dog, Houston, a mutt with a heart of gold. She often takes Houston with her on client calls and brings him to senior living facilities and rehab centers that she visits. Jeffers calls Houston her “marketing partner” and says that he does tricks and always brings a smile to people’s faces. “Even if they aren’t clients, Houston makes people’s days,” Jeffers said.

Jeffers believes the key to success as a Right at Home Franchise Owner is having the heart to serve others and genuinely want to take care of them. “The love for what we do shows in our work,” Jeffers said. If you’re like Jeffers and want to transform lives in your community, learn more about the Right at Home franchise opportunity here.