Albert Eshoo and Joyce Barocas Eshoo 

Albert Eshoo is making a career transition as well as expanding the Right at Home brand throughout New York.

A native of Westchester County, Albert earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing and American history from New York University. Upon graduation, Albert began a career in financial services with Morgan Stanley, where he spent the next 25 years of his professional career. In addition to working on Wall Street, Albert dedicated his evenings toward earning his MBA in finance with a concentration in portfolio management from Fordham University.

Working with a prestigious corporation like Morgan Stanley led Albert to work in Hong Kong for six years, where he specialized in portfolio trading for large institutions, exchange-traded funds and transition management for pensions, endowments and foundations. After getting married in 1999, Albert and his wife, Joyce Barocas, resettled in New York City in 2003, where they currently reside in Battery Park City.

After growing tired of financial services, Albert took it upon himself to find a career with more satisfaction that also would let him help people. After attending seminars at NYU, the Eshoos researched the franchising industry and knew it was their next step. After examining many different options, Albert and his wife felt a connection with Right at Home. With their new career, they will be able to provide support to families who need extra assistance in caring for their loved ones.

Albert also has been a dedicated volunteer with organizations such as New York Squash, Heartshare, New York Cares and StreetSquash: An Urban Enrichment Program

 How did you find out about Right at Home?
We attended seminars at NYU, which were put on by FranNet. I really liked the idea of franchising and learning more about the opportunities presented to us. After studying the business model, we liked what we saw.


 Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
We met with some of the franchisees and went to discovery day, where we were amazed at how involved corporate was. They are completely invested in perfecting their business and helping franchisees. It was an eye-opening experience, and corporate seemed very sincere.

What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
My aunt and uncle who live in Westchester are now in their 80s. My uncle had a hip replaced but waited so long to receive surgery that he had to go into a rehab facility to prep for surgery. My aunt is in the beginning stages of dementia. My sister and I are their main support system. Helping them has been an eye-opening and educational experience. This process highlighted for us how important it is for people to stay in their homes as long as possible.