Bill Love, Memphis, TN Franchisee from November 2010 – present

Bill Love made a life changing decision when he decided he no longer wanted to leave his family in Memphis each week to travel to New York City for business. With a career spanning thirty years in the apparel business for large retail manufacturers with various celebrity clothing lines, Love wanted to utilize his Business Operations and Management skillset within a career that made a difference in the lives of others. After conducting extensive research on the Right At Home® brand, and seeing the successes of previous Memphis franchisees Bob and Sheila Hunter, he was eager to get on board. Keying in on the vast growth potential for the brand as a whole and Memphis specifically, Love purchased the Memphis Right At Home® franchise for a record breaking $1,050,000.

Bill spoke about his decision-making process in an interview:

When choosing a franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?

It was important to me to affiliate myself with a brand that had already achieved strong brand recognition and credibility. I was interested in the franchising model, and Right At Home had a good one. I wanted to be local to Memphis and close to home, and I was eager to connect with a brand that had unlimited growth possibilities.

What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, as does my wife. Owning my own business had always been on my radar. I think that my personal goals to better the lives of others through my work, combined with the success of the franchise model, the vast growth of this industry, and the respected name of the Right At Home brand, all proved that this was the right choice for me.

With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?

Before acquiring my Right at Home franchise, I was in the clothing and apparel business. For over thirty years, I was involved in both the wholesale and retail side. I was VP of Sales, as well as the VP of Merchandising for a large retail manufacturer. We worked with Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Master P, Lil Romeo and other celebrities to sell their brands. These years of being heavily involved in the building of brands, Management, and Corporate Operations have helped me tremendously as a Right At Home franchisee.

Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?

I have always had a keen respect for leaders that help others by making their lives better in some way. I started thinking about the huge demographic of retiring Americans on the horizon. I thought, “I am a baby boomer myself. This demographic is me. Who would I want taking care of me?”

I just kept coming back to in-home care. Quality of life is much better if people can remain in their own homes. The more I got to know about the Right At Home story, and Allen Hager’s specifically, I just thought it was so incredible.