Location: Hartford, CT 

Bob Scandura, owner/operator of Right at Home in Hartford has been with the franchise for nearly seven years and is the highest earning franchisee in the entire Right at Home system. Bob operates the business with the idea to become the largest senior care franchise in the state of Connecticut and has nearly 300 caregivers and a few hundred clients. Striving to find more efficient ways to run the business and to be a better business every day, he is determined to create a company with an unparalleled reputation for service and care in Hartford.

 What was your career before franchising?

Before franchising with the home care franchise, Right at Home, I worked in various fields in the business field including sales, marketing and customer service. When I graduated from college, I spent 10 years working for Anheuser Busch in both marketing and sales. What I gained from that experience was a greater understanding of structure and discipline, because if you didn’t perform and meet your goals, you didn’t stay at the company very long.

 From there, I went to work in one of my uncle’s restaurants and helped him open two successful businesses.  This was one of the first times I had a hand in operations and management and started to develop a passion from small business ownership. Looking for the next opportunity to continue finding the right industry for me, I went to work with a small technology company and loved the passion and enthusiasm at the firm which then transitioned into my career before franchising where I worked as a technological consultant on how to introduce and implement new technology.

 Why did you choose the elder care industry and in-home health care?

When I started looking at opportunities to take more control of my life, I wanted to do something I was truly passionate about, so I reflected on some of my life experiences. I spent some time living and caring for my grandparents when I was in my mid-20’s and realized that I was able to give them a higher quality of life, just being able to help out. My mother, whom I still work with, spent over 40 years in the in home care industry. I was familiar with home health care franchises, loved working with people and have a compassionate heart, which is what stood out when I was looking for a new business opportunity. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives in the Hartford community and with the Right at Home senior care franchise; I know we have been able to help so many families.

 When choosing a home care franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?

When I started exploring different options, Right at Home immediately stood out to me. It was one of the only homecare franchises that I explored. I loved the logo, simplicity of the name and the colors and didn’t feel like they were too overwhelming with the messaging. Once I contacted the senior care franchise headquarters, they gave me some other owners names and I went through the due diligence process of calling owners across the country to learn about their experience, how they operated the business, their successes and asked about the support provided by Right at Home. I picked up the majority of my information on the franchise from these calls and since the brand had no presence in Connecticut at the time, I decided to open the first territory in Hartford.

 What was appealing to you about joining a senior care franchise system?

What I loved about the franchise system was that the systems and procedures had already been clearly established and that you were buying a proven system. Since I had been in marketing, I knew that side of the business, but the two week training helped us create a clear plan of success and taught us how to get the business up and running quickly. Franchisors are there to help answer questions and provide support, because at the end of the day, they only succeed if you do and they are only as successful as their franchisees, which is why I love this system.

 What are some of your achievements (professionally or personally) that you think will help you along the way in your business?

Some of my greatest accomplishments that have come since I started operating Right at Home in Hartford is having a staff of nearly 300 caregivers and a couple hundred clients throughout the area. Having a strong team in place has helped us become the recommended and preferred home health care franchise and we are very proud of that. Our reputation is what we value above all else, and we constantly work on our relationships with hospitals, rehabilitation centers and referral sources to continue to find ways to grow even further.

 What are your expansion or development plans?

My expansion plans are to continue building on the strong base that we have established in Connecticut for the past seven years. Since we have grown so rapidly, we have had to find tools to educate and effectively train all of our caregivers so they perform at our expected levels and provide the optimum level of service to every client. I continue to find new ways to motivate and manage people as we continue to build our clientele. Our number one focus is our reputation and we are always finding new ways to improve that.