Chris and Janine Domico

Chris Domico always has had the desire for the entrepreneurial lifestyle and has decided to spearhead the expansion of Right at Home.

While growing up in Cashmere, Wash., Domico made the decision to enlist in the Navy directly after high school. While he was studying nuclear power with the Navy, he was offered an ROTC scholarship, which he accepted after two years of active duty. Graduating from the University of Washington, Domico earned his bachelor’s degree in zoology and began his commission in the Navy. 

The transition from schooling to his military career happened at a rapid speed. Following graduation, Domico relocated to his first ship in South Carolina and was later a part of a deployment to the Persian Gulf. Throughout his time overseas, he developed the skills to help and manage a team to function as one. Once he returned to the United States in 1996, Domico transferred back to Washington and was a part of another Persian Gulf deployment, with the title of Combat Information Center Officer. Domico’s responsibilities included assisting the operations department head, supervising the bridge watch standers, and commanding and driving the ship for the captain.

In 1998, he made the decision to separate from the Navy and look for new challenges. Within the same year, Domico began his corporate career with TrueSoups, a subsidiary of Heniz, as a shipping and receiving manager. During the course of a year supervising a team, he was able to apply his leadership and organizational expertise from his prior experiences. But eventually, he decided his time in Washington and at TrueSoups had come to an end, and he relocated to San Antonio.

Not wasting any time, Domico found a career with MWI Veterinary Supply. During a span of 14 years, he moved his way up from warehouse manager to regional operational manager, in which he provided all-encompassing leadership to six different distribution centers in the Western United States. He supervised 200 employees and was responsible for creating and implementing initiatives which impacted all of their operations. Domico then was promoted to director of operations and oversaw 13 centers in the Western United States with 600 employees. Yet Domico realized he wanted a career that would allow him to spend more time with his family.

Always being independent and having the desire to run his own business, Domico began searching for different opportunities. Compiling researching online opened his eyes to the world of franchising and piqued his interest. The chance of working with Right at Home presented itself when he was contacted by a franchise consultant with a few possibilities. When he heard the idea of providing other families with care for their loved ones, the decision to become part of the Right at Home team was easy for Domico and his family.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
After we did our research on Right at Home, we were really impressed. The training process really made an impact on us. We saw how closely corporate wants to work with the franchisees to ensure their success. The support from corporate on helping us develop what Right at Home truly is about was remarkable. 

What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
I do not have personal experience with caring for a senior because I was traveling a lot throughout my career. But my grandfather had dementia and progressed rapidly from being independent to needing help with every aspect of his life. Hearing about what his caregivers did really made me realize how vital home care is. In addition, my late grandmother was a registered nurse for more than 20 years, and I always respected her for her work in the healthcare industry

What are your expansion and development plans? What is your end goal?
Our end goal is to build a network of managers and caregivers so we are the go-to place for home care and eventually build something lasting that has purpose