David D’Agostino

David D’Agostino’s life has revolved around wanting to help people and the desire to become a part of a corporation that implemented business with a personal objective, which has led him to open a Right at Home franchise in Houston, Texas.

Growing up in Midland, Texas, D’Agostino attended Trinity University studying business with a focus on finance. Soon realizing he wanted to pursue a life in the medical field, D’Agostino transferred to the University of Texas at San Antonio where he received his Bachelor of Science in biology.

His father owned his own practice specializing in pain management for more than 20 years, so D’Agostino was able to learn about the healthcare industry by helping his father. Throughout his experiences working at the family practice, D’Agostino realized his work in the medical industry was mostly paperwork. Wanting a career that revolved around establishing meaningful and professional relationships with clients, D’Agostino started researching business opportunities that bettered the community. He managed tours and tastings at Karbach Brewery while looking into potential businesses he could own.

D’Agostino attended a business ownership seminar on different franchise opportunities. Considering his choices and weighing the options of fads and commercial real estate, the in-home care business caught his attention. Taking it upon himself, D’Agostino called different in-home care franchises and soon crossed paths with Right at Home. 

Appreciating the value of the company and what they stood for, he knew this was the best opportunity for him.

How did you find out about Right at Home?
I went to a seminar hosted by a franchising consultant. After speaking with him, he explained many different franchise options. Their messages of the ability to expand into nursing care and truly helping people struck me. Their drive matched my vision, and I felt I could be successful with their knowledge of the industry and corporate support.

 Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
I like what they had to offer and how they presented themselves. They were not a company looking to expand their portfolio. They understand where people are coming from, and the culture of the company was something really incredible. Right at Home personalizes everything.


What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
My girlfriend’s family and my family are close. Her grandmother had dementia, and I developed a relationship with her. She actually passed away from a heart attack, and I knew how to help the family cope with their loss as well as the struggles of dementia.

My girlfriend’s grandfather was in great health but fell when we were out one day. As a result of his fall, he broke his hip and had to go through multiple surgeries. Helping him with physical therapy was half the battle, as well. One morning he called his family and said he could not swallow his medicine. After going to the hospital, he found out he had carcinoma in his esophagus. The hospital’s nonchalance really upset me. I knew what could be done but wasn’t able to help. He was given two different options: either to be put into a coma to help treat the disease or to be put into a hospice facility. During his time in hospice, I helped as a caregiver.

It was definitely a difficult situation, and it inspired me to help other families in similar situations.

What are your expansion/development plans? Number of units? Time frame? What is your end goal?
I would like to expand throughout Houston. Depending on how the first office does and what is available, I would like to eventually move into West Texas.