DJ Busenbark

In addition to making Hawaii their family’s new home, DJ and Olivia Busenbark chose to introduce Right at Home to the community, as well. 

The high school sweethearts grew up in Denver, Colo., married early and started a family. Olivia received her bachelor’s degree and eventually earned her Certified Nursing Assistant certification. With three children, she took pride in being a dedicated mother and volunteer, helping out at her children’s school as well as the local hospice. Through her volunteer efforts with hospice, Olivia took on fundraising and patient care responsibilities. Her passion for senior care grew from there.

DJ’s ambitions to provide for his family led him to sales manager positions at different car dealerships throughout Denver. Through these experiences, he learned how to manage a team and work with a large organization.

With the desire to move to a warmer climate, DJ and Olivia began to look at states where their children could continue their specific education program. They also wanted the entire family to be excited about moving to the new location.. DJ and Olivia decided Honolulu fit the bill.

DJ and Olivia had always dreamed of starting their own business. Before moving to Hawaii, the duo decided they would incorporate their dream with Olivia’s passion for senior care. Compiling research on the industry, DJ came across many articles in reliable publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur highlighting Right at Home as a top name for in-home care. This led them to reach out to the corporate office to discuss the opportunity of joining the Right at Home family. 

How did you find out about Right at Home
DJ did so much research on in-home care and narrowed down which brands we should connect with. We saw articles in Forbes and Entrepreneur, so we decided to reach out to Right at Home.  

Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
Olivia: The part that stood out to me about Right at Home was how much support they offered to make future franchisees feel confident in knowing they would have someone with them every step of the way. The training also was very impressive. 

DJ: We chose an opportunity with Right at Home because of their culture and the amount of support they offered to make sure we succeeded. 

What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
When I worked with hospice, I worked with a lot of patients who had Alzheimer’s or dementia. DJ’s stepfather passed away from cancer, and I spent a lot of time with him providing care along with the entire family. My grandfather passed away last summer, but before he passed, I was his main caregiver. 

DJ: Although my mother was always healthy, age has a way of making people slow down. I realized how caregivers really help seniors with everyday tasks. I helped her with the small tasks people do not realize may be difficult to accomplish as they age, such as yard work, cleaning and cooking. 

Please list any nonprofit organizations, community groups, volunteer activities, etc. you are/have been involved with: 
We will definitely be involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. We want to be as involved as we can within the community and contribute to those who need our services