After Greg Germany and his wife, Amy, climbed the corporate ladder for over 20 years, they were ready for a change. Armed with experience in management, sales and marketing, The Germany’s have found a career that they find rewarding, fulfilling and has great potential to thrive in the booming senior care industry.


When choosing a franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?


The people that we met at the Right at Home headquarters were an important factor when we were making our decision. They were all very professional, helpful and friendly. We felt like it was the place for us. It was important for us to be working with people that felt the same way we did – passionate about giving back and making people’s lives a little bit easier. We also had close friends that already owned a Right at Home business. We saw firsthand the potential the business had from them.


What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?


The support system was appealing! We felt that we could take all of the knowledge and experience that Right at Home had developed over the past 15 years and use it ourselves. We wanted to be with a franchise that would support us and they have not let us down. They stressed the importance of customer service and being in the business for the right reasons.  We had been on discovery days of other franchises and none of them compared to how we felt when we came home from our Right at Home visit. We knew that this was the place for us.


With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?


My wife, Amy, and I had both worked in corporate America for over 20 years. We both spent many years in sales, marketing and personnel management. But we soon learned that to succeed in this type of business you have to have a willingness to listen and learn new things. We thought our professional backgrounds would give us an advantage, but that has not always been the case. You have to have an open mind and a willingness to trust the Right at Home system.


Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?


We wanted a change.  We wanted to do something that would give back. Amy and I are both around 50 years old and are dealing with our own loved ones growing older and needing to be cared for. We realized that we wanted to make a change in our lives. We wanted to do something that made us feel like we were contributing. Senior care is a growing industry with a bright future.