Fred Jennings – Chester Springs, PA

Franchisee since January 2011

When choosing a franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?

In home senior care made sense to me. I wanted a no pressure experience when making my decision. It was important that I had enough information to make my own decision. It was also important that I spoke with other owners about their successes and difficulties. I also wanted to believe in the training and processes that the system was based on.  Before embarking on the discovery day, I had pretty much made my decision to go with Right at Home. Discovery day was the opportunity to meet the corporate support organization.  Meeting them was the final factor that let me know that Right at Home was right for me.

With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?

My previous experience is in information technology in banking and the pharmaceutical industries.  I have always been intrigued by technology and its relationship to a business.  I had always managed people and valued the relationships with staff, customers, vendors and suppliers.  I think the people management and relationship experiences are most important to have when deciding to own a Right at Home. My father operated a one-man business and felt a lot pressure. When I was younger, he pushed me to work for a big company thinking there would be less stress and more benefits.  Somewhere along the line I realized that and wanted a business that I had control over and now I do.

Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?

My parents struggled to take care of their parents and in turn they chose to be in a retirement home.  Observing and understanding their motivation and choices was an influence. Three of my four children worked in a nursing home. My children came to have compassion for people that they wouldn’t have gotten from working at a fast food restaurant.  They became very connected to their seniors.  I have friends that I have watched struggle arranging care for their aging parents. These were the influences that combined to draw me to elder care and now it is rewarding for me to offer an option to families who are looking for assistance for a loved one.

What are you future goals?

I really enjoy the idea of having a family owned business. 2010 was a big year for me. I discovered my interest in home care and elderly assistance, which lead me to Right at Home. I want to continue to make a difference in the lives of not only the elderly but also in the lives of the caregivers that we employ. This is a booming industry and I believe I have entered into it at the opportune time.


Right at Home, a privately held provider of in-home elder care and assistance, was founded in 1995 by Allen Hager, a hospital administrator who was concerned patients needed additional assistance after their discharge from the hospital. He sought to assist their return to good health by becoming a certified nursing assistant and then launching Right at Home. Today, Right at Home generates more than $170 million in annual revenue through its 200-plus offices across the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil. Outlets are franchisee-owned and operated, and staff skilled professionals trained to provide home-based care for thousands of clients daily. For more information about Right at Home, visit our website.