A CEO of a credit union for 20 years, Gale Davis and his wife Venetia were researching franchise options after Gale’s company underwent a merger. After looking into several senior care options, they decided to become franchisees of Right at Home and offer quality in-home care to the aging baby boomer population.


When choosing a franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?

My wife and I wanted something that was near recession proof. We wanted something with the trend lines going up in terms for growth. We researched a lot of franchises and we kept coming back to the exploding baby boomer generation. With over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 everyday, it is a growing business. Many of these seniors are going to need both in-home and medical care.


What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?

We wanted to be in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. Franchising is the secret to that. We didn’t want to build from scratch because I don’t feel that the economy is ready to be kind to small business owners yet. We wanted a business with a well-developed plan that we could grow. Right at Home has top notch people, technology and the bells and whistles that gave them an extra advantage over other franchises.


With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel will help you in your business?

I have become a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) so that I can counsel seniors on safety, security and financial well-being.  Financial counseling was a responsibility I had as a credit union CEO along with strategy, business development, marketing and community/customer relations. I was responsible for the growth of the business. These skills will come in handy no matter what I am doing. I can apply all of this experience to any business model.


Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?

We have both been in customer service all of our careers. Credit Unions are membership organizations and they are centered on providing quality service. We think this is a good business for the soul; Helping people is a rewarding experience. We want to take our success from our service experience  and deliver high quality in-home care services to our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to take what we have learned and turn it into something valuable for seniors that will help them achieve their goals and be comfortable in their life.


What are some of your future goals?

We intend to provide quality service, and build our business by being responsive to the multiple needs of seniors.  We hope this will allow us to expand and offer more services to more elders. We also look forward to being a premier workplace in our area.