Gregg Balbera spent more than 25 years on Wall Street before he decided that he was ready for a change of pace. “After a quarter of a century in the dog-eat-dog financial services world, I wanted to seize the opportunity to give back in a more meaningful industry,” Balbera said.

Gregg, who is a Long Island native, found himself on Wall Street after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in finance from Lehigh University. Though it may have been cutthroat, Balbera acknowledges that working in financial services was a huge growth experience. “As a trader, I was often put into stressful situations and forced to multi-task and make important decisions,” said Balbera. “My clients knew they could count on me when others might panic.” In fact, Gregg relied on a similar kind of trust once he started looking for the right franchise. “I chose Right at Home partly because of the support and warmth I experienced throughout my discovery process as I got to know the brand,” he said.

Along with his wife and co-owner, Eileen, Gregg had personally experienced the need for Right at Home’s in-home services after providing care to ailing family members. “My wife and I have had several grandparents and a beloved aunt and uncle who either have or could have benefited from Right at Home’s services,” Balbera said. “Our family came to see how important both companionship and personal care can be to the well-being and dignity of those important to us,” he continued. “We believe in the ability to remain in your own home on your own terms, so being able to provide that service for people in our community is very meaningful to us.”

Both Gregg and Eileen have described themselves as people-persons. Gregg commented that his financial services background has allowed him to adapt to different situations when dealing with people. Eileen, who previously worked for Bankers Trust as a liaison between customers and the internal technology department, has had similar experience in delivering excellent customer service. Although they haven’t yet delineated their exact responsibilities, both spouses will play active roles in the operations and ownership of their Right at Home franchise.

How did you learn about the brand?
I learned about the brand from Tim Randall, a friend and former co-worker, who recently bought his own Right at Home franchise. Seeing his enthusiasm and success with the brand made me really consider looking into it for myself.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
I chose Right at Home because of the support and warmth I experienced as I got to know the brand throughout my discovery process. After 25+ years in the dog-eat-dog financial services world, I wanted to seize the opportunity to help and give back in a more meaningful industry.

Are you involved with any charities or do any community outreach with your business?
I have been actively involved as both an executive and non-executive member of the Roslyn Little League. My wife Eileen has been very involved in the Roslyn School District PTA and PFA.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or passions?
I love both the beach and the mountains and I enjoy each season for what it offers. In other words, I equally love the beautiful beaches of my native Long Island and skiing the mountains of Colorado and Utah. Eileen and I also have three teenage boys and we love to attend their various sports games, be it hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse or track.