Ron Brodsky is a Right at Home owner with an office located in Easton, Pennsylvania covering the Lehigh Valley. During his career, Ron worked on Wall Street for 15 years with companies like Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley and most recently spent 10 years working with a mergers and acquisitions firm, Bel Air Partners.  He was able to take an early retirement but wasn’t ready to slow down, so he started looking into various franchising options. Doing his due diligence and looking at different franchising opportunities, Ron came upon senior home care and knew the industry was a fit based on past experience.


Question: When choosing a franchise, what were the criteria you used to make your decision?  

Answer:  Back in the 1980’s when I was living in the Lehigh Valley and operating my family’s jewelry store, my grandmother fell down the stairs and was seriously injured. After spending time in a rehabilitation facility, my grandmother asked my wife and me to help take care of her at home so she wouldn’t have to move to an assisted living community. Following her request, we took care of her for almost 13 years with the assistance of private aides. We quickly recognized the difficulties of the industry and what would happen if you didn’t hire a responsible caregiver or if you didn’t have a backup plan. When I was looking into different business opportunities, I immediately made a connection with Right at Home In Home Care & Assistance because I was familiar with the complexities of the industry after caring for my own grandmother and wanted to provide a reliable service and resource for our community.


Q: What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?

A: Based on the success rate of franchises versus starting a business from scratch, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to open a franchised concept because the business plan had already been created and perfected. The support and training that franchises offer help contribute to a high success rate and lessened the chance of failing in the first few years.


Q: With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?

A: Absolutely the work ethic that I developed after working in various industries, including having my own family-owned business. I am very dedicated to my career and have spent at least 50-60 hours a week working over the last 25+ years and spent a career in investment banking which helps me run the financial side of the business. Recognizing my leadership abilities and my compassionate nature, I knew I could make a difference by making a connection with our clients in the Lehigh Valley.


Q: Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?

A: My experiences from 20 years ago really helped my decision to join Right at Home In Home Care & Assistance. I had an instant connection to the brand and knew about the increasing demand for a professional and reliable senior care service. Every day I look at my new career and wish that I would have known about this opportunity 15 years ago because it truly makes me happy and I love making a difference in our clients’ lives.