Ron Fuller, Will Fuller and Drew Fuller

As a father-and-sons trio, Ron Fuller, Will Fuller and Drew Fuller are spearheading the expansion of Right at Home into Little Rock.

Veteran Ron Fuller has made a name for his family by being incredibly involved in the Little Rock community. After graduating from Henderson State College, Ron served in the United States Army on active duty and in the Army Reserves from 1970-1988. In 1978, Ron started Ron Fuller Enterprises, a multifaceted public relations and lobbying firm, representing clients from industries such as pharmaceutical, nonemergency medical transportation, disaster management and relief, and public accounting. Even with his plate full, Ron became a three-term member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, where he was able to build a strong network of contacts in the state healthcare system. 

Ron’s sons, Will Fuller and Drew Fuller, acquired their father’s entrepreneurial lifestyle. Will graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on sculpture, photography and graphic design. His degree led him to a career with Glazer of Arkansas for almost 10 years. Within a few years, he was promoted to assistant marketing director and helped lead a team of designers. Drew attended Universal Technical Institute NASCAR in Mooresville, N.C., and began a career in automotive services. Having worked with several big automotive manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Subaru, Acura, Isuzu and Mazda, Drew learned how to work within a large corporation.

In addition to leading their busy lives, the Fullers soon learned of the demand for in-home care when Will and Drew’s grandfather became more dependent on others. In 2011, after their grandfather, who remarried at 90 years old, took a fall, the Fuller family decided to move him and his wife into an assisted living facility. The facility was in a different town, so the entire family had a difficult time ensuring he was receiving the proper treatment. After searching for a facility closer to Little Rock with qualified caregivers, the Fullers relocated their grandfather to Parkway Village. After Will and Drew’s grandfather passed away, they realized that the need for qualified caregivers was prevalent in Little Rock.  

Evaluating the care his grandfather received prompted Will to propose the idea of expanding Right at Home into Little Rock with his father and brother. Between Ron’s VA contacts, Will’s contacts with the Arkansas Hunger Alliance and Salvation Army, and Drew’s relationship with the nursing community throughout Little Rock, they saw this as another opportunity to help families throughout the community.    

How did you learn about Right at Home?
With our grandfather’s history, we were always researching different in-home care companies and came across Right at Home. 

Why did you choose an opportunity with Right at Home?
When we met with Right at Home, they felt like a family. The organization was built so well; we saw that corporate truly cared for their business partners, and we liked the idea of becoming business owners with them and decided to build a kinship.

What personal experience do you have in your own family with caring for a senior?
When we helped our mother after our grandfather fell, it really opened our eyes to the need for individualized care for seniors. We went through everything as a family and want to grow Right at Home in Little Rock as a family. We saw how much went into caring for a senior, and we wanted to be able to provide assistance to the other families in the community.

What are your expansion and development plans? What is your end goal?
Right now our goal is to ensure success with our first location.  We would like to expand into North Little Rock so we are able to work closely with all of our neighbors and eventually expand throughout the entire state.