Sidney Chugani

Sidney Chugani, 49, has always flaunted an entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in the Philippines, he started his own business when he was just 18 years old, working with his brother and selling wholesale merchandise.

After moving to the United States 25 years ago, Sidney has spent the last 22 years owning and operating five hotel gift shops catering to tourists.

Now, the Pembroke Pines, Fla., resident is bringing his business prowess to Right at Home.

Living with his disabled mother, Sidney serves as primary caregiver for the 88-year-old. She is at a great risk to fall, and he gives his homebound mom the constant attention that she needs. Sidney said that his experiences while caring for his mother helped him realize that there are additional business opportunities available to him within the home care industry.

“Coming into this opportunity, I already have experience with the type of service Right at Home provides,” he said. “Having seen this firsthand with my own mother, I believe we can help a magnitude of seniors in our area.”

Why did you choose to join Right at Home?
I’ve come across other seniors in our community who use this sort of help, and I noticed a great need in the area. I have a friend who owns assisted living facilities, and my wife and I realized that we wanted to give back to the community and do something we felt was right. 

How did you learn about the brand?
While conducting research on Right at Home, it became clear that this company was one of the best available options for in-home care. I spoke with other franchisees and felt that Right at Home had the best support and corporate guidance. I wanted to be a part of the best. 

What makes Right at Home different and what do you think your location will bring to the area?
Right at Home provides tremendous support. They’re an Inc. 5000 company that was recently named by Forbes the third best overall franchise to buy and the No. 1 home care franchise to buy. They must be doing something right, and after having met the team at the corporate office, I was truly impressed. If I was going to be serious about opening a franchise, I wanted to do this right—I wanted to be a part of Right at Home’s system.

Do you do any community outreach with your business (volunteer work, sponsorships, fundraising)?
We want to be a face of the community by reaching out to hospitals, doctors, assisted living facilities and more. I’ll be attending conferences and health conventions, as well as connecting with referral sources.