Todd and Shelley Morse met in college and have been individually pursuing careers in the medical field ever since.  Todd previously sold various surgical and medical gear before spear-heading pharmaceutical sales and operations management. Combined with Shelley’s counseling and personal care attendant for the elderly experience, they make the perfect match to become Right at Home franchisees.   

Name:    Todd and Shelley Morse                                                    

 Opening Date: June 4, 2012

Market: Central Missouri (Columbia and surrounding communities)                     

Q: Where did you grow up?

A:   I grew up in south central Missouri and attended the University of Missouri, which is where I met Shelley. Shelley grew up in Nebraska and we have lived in Columbia since college. We moved around a few times in 2004 for my job, but we have spent most of our adult life here in Columbia.

Q: What was your career before franchising?

A:  I worked for Proctor and Gamble doing pharmaceutical sales and operations management. I have experience selling various surgical, medical and other personal care products. I also worked in a nursing home earlier in my career. Shelly has her Masters degree in counseling from the University of Missouri and worked as counselor for many years. She also previously worked as a CNA and a personal care attendant for the elderly.

Q: How did you learn about Right at Home?

A:   We have been following the home care industry for many years and after speaking with a friend who works with a competitor, we decided to make the investment. We talked with multiple Right at Home owners who had positive experiences, and we decided it was a great fit for us.

Q: Why did you decide to open your own business?

A:  Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for most of my life. I had always searched for opportunities and Right at Home was the best option for us. We are both very passionate about helping others and wanted to be involved in an industry that could provide a great service to our community.

Q: What was most appealing to you about joining a franchise system as opposed to starting your own business?

A:  Right at Home has a proven success rate and they provide excellent training and support.  A franchise gives you a jump start on opening a business and eliminates many of the tasks we would have had to do on our own.

Q: What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun? What activities do you enjoy on weekends?

A:  We love spending time with our children, who always have a different activity for us to attend. We also enjoy spending time outdoors biking and camping. Central Missouri is a great place to experience the outdoors.

Q: What did you find most appealing about home care industry?

A: Working in the home health care industry gives us the ability to help people. The service that Right at Home provides is vital and incredibly helpful to families who worry about their loved ones. We love working with people and understand the importance of remaining independent at this stage in life.

Q: How does your business connect with the local community?

A: Shelley and I are very active in our local community. We are looking forward to hiring a great local staff and surrounding ourselves with people who are as equally passionate about this industry as we are. Providing home assistance is a great way to give back to the community.