The increase in the aging population brings concerns that have been widely publicized recently. Couple that with the continued grim economic climate and this becomes a big issue facing America today. With the aging population expected to more than double in the near future and government funding becoming not as certain, we are all faced with a harsh reality. A recent report by Volunteers of America was recently published which shows the growing issue.

Right at Home and other senior care professionals are well aware of the issues at hand and are readily seeking solutions to the growing problem. A portion of the article is included below and can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

Report Shows Looming Threat for Senior Care

With the country still recovering from the economic downturn, Volunteers of America has released an eye-opening study on the state of aging in the U.S. The collision of the economy, the health care crisis and a large population of aging Americans has put many families in or near financial crisis.

According to the report, a “plurality of caregivers say the economy has made it more difficult to provide care to a family member. Few—roughly one in 10—are paid for the care they provide.” More than 46 percent report that the economy has made it harder to be able to provide care. Three quarters of caregivers state that the person to whom they provide care is 70 years or older.

“We have a potential catastrophe looming with the collision of a significant, and growing, aging population, the economic downturn, and the health care crisis,” stated Rosemarie Rae, executive vice president with Volunteers of America.

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