It’s not always easy to see what life has in store for you until unthinkable events change everything. For Rick and Diane Carson of Modesto, California, they have been on a mission to help others ever since one project with a wheelchair and a major career change impacted their lives.

In 2007, their son’s friend became paralyzed after a firearm accident. Life in a wheelchair meant that the family needed to adapt their home. As a draftsman, Rick offered his expertise to help the family make their home wheelchair-friendly. In the process, the friend’s family told them about Free Wheelchair Mission, a charity that provides free wheelchairs to disabled individuals in developing countries. Seeing first-hand how a wheelchair can make a difference for someone in need, the Carsons immediately became supporters and continue to be very involved with the charity today.

The second major event in their lives occurred when the economy faltered in 2008 and Rick’s business closed. Now they were left to decide what to do next with Rick’s career. With the extra time, they decided to reflect and assess their next steps. This included a mission trip to the Philippines where they again saw how wheelchairs changed people’s lives. This life changing experience made it clear to the Carsons that their next business would have to include helping people in need.

Now nine years in business as Right at Home Franchise Owners in Modesto and Stockton, CA, the Carsons have found Success with Significance®. “We have a passion for people!” commented Diane. “We decided to make a life change and Right at Home was the perfect fit. It allows us to do something that is meaningful and is all about giving back,” said Rick.

Now their passion for helping others and giving back is evidenced in their dedication to their Right at Home clients and staff.

“Right at Home shares our values and we rely on their expertise. They support us in doing what we love,” said Diane. They find the most rewarding part of being a small business owner and Right at Home Franchise Owner is getting to know the families they serve and whose lives that they touch every day.

If there is a lesson to be learned from Rick and Diane’s story, they say it is to follow your heart and find work that helps you serve others. To learn more about Right at Home franchising, click here.