Right at Home was recently featured in an Entrepreneur Magazine article entitled “All the Right Moves” which features Franco Gelsomino, Right at Home Franchisee of Treasure Valley, Idaho. The article highlights franchisees who have moved to different cities in search of the perfect climate to open their franchise. Franco discusses leaving California in search of an area that would best suit his business goals. In the article, Franco speaks on why Idaho was a great choice for opening his Right at Home franchise and the potential that the area gives his business for growth. Below is a portion of the article and it can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

All the Right Moves

These franchisees packed up their homes and their previous careers to pursue small-business success in new cities

By Jason Daley

Franco Gelsomino made his move on New Year’s Day 2010. After 11 years in Southern California working in the financial and real estate industries, he wanted to open his own business. But he was not happy with the business climate in California and was wary of the state’s massive deficits. He wanted to leave, but also knew he wanted to stay west of the Rockies.

“I did extensive research and realized Idaho and the southwest part of the state were a good match for me and my goals,” he says, noting that he believes Idaho is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, ranked fifth by economic think tank the Milken Institute. He set up his Right At Home senior-care franchise in the Treasure Valley, which stretches between Boise and Caldwell and is home to half a million people.

Not only does Gelsomino believe that the quality of life is much better in Boise, he feels like he has plenty of room to grow. “Half a million people, which is a quarter of the whole state’s population, may sound like a small area to some, but actually it’s not,” he says. “This community continues to grow, and people from the coasts keep coming here to get out of the urban mess. It’s been ranked one of the 10 best places to live by Outside and Forbes.”

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