Right at Home was recently featured in The Clarksdale Press Register in an article titled, ” Right at Home to Offer Professional Home Care for Seniors.”  The article profiles Will Bradham, a native Clarksdale resident, who finalized his decision to open the Mississippi location after realizing the lack of care for his ailing father.  See below for the entire article.

Right at Home to Offer Professional Home Care
By:  Jessie Wright

Right at Home, a home care business that aims to provide assistants for seniors and disabled adults living at home, opened its doors in Clarksdale March 19, although the ribbon cutting ceremony was held last week. Right at Home is a national company and this is its first foray into the Delta.

Will Bradham, a native of Clarksdale, said his office would service the entire North Mississippi region. Bradham said he decided to open the branch to address a growing concern, but also because of his own experience dealing with his father, who needed constant care after being diagnosed with cancer.

“I know there’s a strong need in the Mississippi Delta and in the North Mississippi area for home care,” he said. “Many, many years ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and we cared for him at home. It’s a tough experience; it’s not easy on the family members who are taking care of someone.”

Bradham, who has 10 years’ experience in sales and management with Sysco food services, said he decided to get involved with Right at Home as a change in career direction. Also, he believes a company like his can help elderly clients, but also help local families who would otherwise have to give up jobs to look after elderly loved ones.

“These people are going to enhance the quality of life and to give assistance to the family as well,” Bradham said.

Bradham said he screens his home aid workers for drug use and criminal history. All totaled, Bradham said he hopes to have over 100 employees working for him, although individual hours might vary according to the client load.

The Right at Home company targets clients who wish to maintain some degree of in-home independence and don’t want to rely on family members. According to the Right at Home company, baby boomers began turning 65 in 2011. This generation will represent a bulge in the senior population.

Mississippi is no exception to these trends. According to the state Department of Human Services, 1 in 6 Mississippi adults is over 60 and about 79 percent own their homes.

“I think Clarksdale’s a good launch point, and a good central location for our offices,” Bradham said, explaining his decision to locate the base of his operations in Clarksdale. He added that his friends and family in the area made his decision easier.

Bradham said he researched five other home aid companies before he decided to go with the Right at Home franchise. Right at Home has over 200 offices across the county and earns over $173 million annually. Currently there is only one other Right at Home office in the state, serving the Gulf Coast region.

His office is located at 122 Desoto Ave.