Good Friday Afternoon!

Earlier today I conducted an informal survey of our staff here at the corporate office in Omaha. We knew we had a lot of employees with health care experience in their background. What I wanted to know was exactly how much they had as a group, and the average years of experience per employee. I found the average years of health care experience per employee to be over 8 years, with a little over 300 years of total health care experience! Again, this is just an informal survey, and I surveyed everyone – not just those who currently work in positions that require health care knowledge. Some were caregivers previously; others were in high ranking executive positions, and one was in an accounting position for a large health organization. My point is, as an organization from top to bottom, Right at Home is staffed with people who know this industry. If you are going to open a senior care franchise with Right at Home, you can take comfort in knowing that we have good people here to help you every step of the way.