Hi everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. We closed the office at 3pm on Thursday to allow the folks at the corporate office a little extra time with their families this holiday weekend. 

On to business. I recently read a great article on financialpost.com that accurately illustrates the feelings that many of our newest franchisees have. Jolted by the economy and the job market, and frustrated with the lack of loyalty in the corporate world, they are seeking something more. Here’s a quote from the article:

Old wealth-creation strategies, such as registered retirement savings plans, stock markets, pensions, real estate and long-term employment, aren’t considered secure anymore, Mr. Prenevost says. “Especially in the past eight months, the world has changed,” he says.

The article is a short read, but if you have searched for a job recently you will probably see a lot that you can identify with. For example, here’s another quote:

There is a shift in attitudes that is not a short-term reaction to a fad, but an indication of a larger trend as more executives see greater risk in long-term employment than they do in self-employment.

I hope you find this info helpful as you continue your search!