After building a reputable career in marketing, Sandy Quartuccio saw an opportunity in Right at Home as an industry that was on the cusp of booming. Now as one of her community’s leading Alzheimer’s and Dementia care specialists, Sandy and her husband Phil have shifted career gears to be professional in-home care providers.                                                  

Tell me about the process you went through to make your decision to become a Right at Home franchisee?

We learned about Right at Home through a franchise consultant. We were looking into franchises but didn’t know which one we were interested in. After initially researching Right at Home, we spoke to several franchisees about their personal experiences with the company. We also toured an existing Right at Home office in New Jersey. The franchisee in New Jersey didn’t come from a health background either and that gave us hope that we would also be able to succeed in this field.


What are your long term plans for your business?

As the needs for in-home care grow and change, we want to be in a position to grow and respond to the changes. Eventually, we would like to own another location. We would like to be seen as the Alzheimer’s and dementia care specialists. Right at Home provides the support and opportunity to grow a multi-unit business under a proven system.


With regard to your previous experience, what skills do you feel helped you in your business?

I worked for a private market research company for 28 years so I have never been involved with franchising before this. My husband, Phil, was working for a manufacturing company that produced guitar strings and musical accessories. Between my marketing experience and Phil’s administrative knowledge, we had the perfect combination for success with our Right at Home.


Why did you choose to enter the elder care industry?

The approach of Right at Home, and in particular the fact that they are in the business to help people, was how I knew they were the right fit. I wanted a business that would be meaningful to me and my life and that would allow us to make a difference. I was impressed with Right at Home’s thoroughness and I wanted a business that was top notch. Receiving our first referral from a geriatric care manager was a milestone. Seeing our services endorsed and our business represented as a well run and knowledgeable company is important to me. Also, identifying our niche within professional in home care was important for our business. Our first client was an Alzheimer’s patient. We are now very skilled and have an expert reputation for Alzheimer’s and dementia care.