All of the shaded areas are available for new development.  A territory including the word “PEND” is not available due to a pending sale. With operations across the country and territories open in 45 states, Right at Home continues to change lives with passionate Franchise Owners.  If you don’t see your area listed, please contact us.  We are happy to discuss your interest in other markets.

If you’re looking to franchise with Right at Home outside of the United States, please visit our international franchising site at rahglobal.com

All information (including all data, projections and other information) provided herein was obtained by Right at Home, LLC (“Franchisor”) from a third-party marketing information resource and is being provided for informational purposes only. It was generated using a series of hand-selected inputs that may impact the completeness or accuracy of such information and only represents data collected and available as of the date generated. It has not been independently audited or verified by Franchisor. None of Franchisor or its affiliates represent or warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information or that any projections set forth therein will be realized. Recipient is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information, and making such other independent investigations and inquiries as are necessary, in connection with any potential decision by Recipient for which this information has been provided (including any decision to purchase or sell a Designated Area, or portion thereof, engage in any marketing strategy or otherwise). Each Designated Area is defined by the list of zip codes in the Franchise Agreement for such Designated Area, and nothing herein shall be deemed to amend or modify the Designated Area, as defined and set forth in the applicable Franchise Agreement. Changes by the USPS may, from time to time, affect the zip codes and the geographic area that makes up a Designated Area. Other factors, such as Grandfathered Clients and Conversion Grandfathered Clients, may also affect the Designated Area demographics.