A Fireside Chat with Right at Home

Duration: 31m 32s

Description: Listen to the Franchise Development team from Right at Home as they wrap up 2022 and look forward to 2023. The conversations will cover Right at Home’s accomplishments and where Right at Home is going in the next few years. Susie Dunn, Director of Resale and Expansion, Chuck Prentner, and Jessica Cornelius, both Franchise Development Directors, talk about how they assist prospective franchisees through the purchasing or transfer of ownership of a Right at Home franchise, ensuring you are making an informed decision, and it’s a good fit for you and a good fit for Right at Home.

The following is a summary of the discussion:

How do you feel about growth in 2023? 

The business need has never been higher than during the past few years, especially during COVID. We did beat our growth goal in 2022, and our goals for growth in 2023 are even bigger.

How is the Sales Process Different from other Companies? 

Right at Home provides a lot of great video content for prospects to review. The prospect can talk to any of our existing owners about their experience. Right at Home wants to include your spouse in the discussions, including the review of all 23 items in the FDD, ensuring you both have a good understanding of the document. We truly want to make sure you have realistic expectations, and you’ll also receive a ton of support from the Corporate team. Chuck adds that a lot of time is spent reviewing the business model and the mission statement, improving the quality of life for those we serve. If that’s not something that resonates with you, there are other opportunities for you to seek out. Our core values are so important – approachable, collaborative, accountable, integrity, and authentic. We believe in our mission statement, and there’s nothing more rewarding.

Is Right at Home a good business for Veterans?  

Right at Home offers a 25% discount on the franchise fee to veterans. Military members appreciate systems and processes, and franchises are very much about systems and processes. Also, a lot of veterans have chosen the path of helping others, and our franchise model is closely aligned with making a difference in the community.

Are new territories available to new owners and to existing owners who want to expand?

Right at Home is thrilled about how 2023 has started for expansions and resales. There have been four expansions within the first two weeks of January. It’s a validation of the system when existing franchisees want to continue to invest in their business and expand. As a new prospect coming into the system, the opportunity to expand your business down the line is real. 

What are the four pillars of support Right at Home offers to their franchisees?

1) Supply, focusing 24/7 on getting caregivers through Corporate systems, processes, and tools; 2) Demand, growing the market share by reaching more seniors; 3) Operational Performance, helping franchisees have the best systems and processes to get more clients and caregivers; and, 4) Clinical Excellence, viewing ourselves as a healthcare business that happens to be in franchising.

How does a franchise owner stay engaged with Right at Home?

Right at Home provides all the platforms and town hall meetings, weekly newsletters, and materials you need, but it is important to understand that it’s going to be your business and you need to engage with corporate. Our electronic resource center, The Hub, has materials for marketing, operations, accounting, etc., that franchisees can tap into.

How does Right at Home keep franchisees up to date on Rules and Regulations?

Corporate provides so much information in weekly newsletters and town halls, as well as uploading new information to The Hub. It’s really important that franchise owners participate in reviewing the information provided to them. We also have a Director of Healthcare Regulation & Compliance, whose entire team focuses on regulations and state licensure.

Is 2023 an opportune time to become a franchise owner?

Yes, the amount of people turning age 65 plus has created an increase in potential clients who are going to need help. Healthcare is changing, i.e., people are not staying in hospitals as long. Everything is pointing towards more in-home care.

What type of awards has Right at Home received?

Awards from Franchise Business Review have included 2022 and 2023 Top Franchise, 2022 Recession Proof, 2022 Best Franchise for Veterans, and 2022 awards from Entrepreneur include Most Profitable, Top Global, and Top Franchise under $100K.

Do you have any advice for prospective franchisees?

Become passionate and engaged in the process, ask questions, and put in the work and dedication. Have an exit strategy.

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