Now’s the Time

August 14, 2019News, Podcast

Now’s the Time Speaker: Eric Little | Chief Development Officer Duration: 23m 18s Description: In this podcast, Eric Little, CDO at Right at Home, discusses the current fears of a recession and why he feels now is the time to start your own business with RAH!

Mark Turner – Franchisee Profile

November 20, 2018Franchisee Profile

Mark and Colleen Turner started their Northern Virginia Right at Home franchise in 2002. Based in Fairfax, Va., their in-home care company has grown to an impressive business in spite of the early years when Mark was contemplating selling the franchise and moving on. Tell us about you personally and your professional background. I am … Read More

Patti Walter – Franchisee Profile

November 20, 2018Franchisee Profile

Right at Home franchise owner Patti Walter is an energizing go-getter, who has turned two of her major life-rattling events into motivators propelling her forward. Here, Patti tells her story of resiliency and success. As a medical assistant for chronic pain patients in Fort Collins, Colo., Patti interacted closely with hurting and despondent individuals. But … Read More

Kristen Carlson – Franchisee Profile

November 20, 2018Franchisee Profile

With its six historic districts and exhilarating coastal views, the island city of Galveston, Texas, is one of the country’s most visited resort destinations. Galveston is also home to Kristen Carlson’s Right at Home business, which she started in 2006. In her twelve years with the leading in-home care company, the former medical clinic and … Read More


May 9, 2018Uncategorized

As you probably know, the process of becoming a Right at Home franchise owner has several important steps. Toward the end of that process you will validate that the business model works by talking with current Right at Home franchisees, which I wrote about in a previous post on the Validation Checklist. When leading into … Read More

Franchise Owner Profile: Dan and Jill Parker

March 14, 2018Uncategorized

If there’s one career path that will put a person in demand and keep them there, it’s being a senior operations manager in the ever-evolving Silicon Valley. For years, Dan Parker lived in the Bay Area and worked in this high-demand field. To any observer, it would appear that Dan Parker was a man with … Read More

Franchise Owner Profile: Karen Kochhar

March 8, 2018Uncategorized

Karen Kochhar’s professional background as an engineer in corporate America may not appear to align with her current position as a multi-office Right at Home® Franchise Owner. Going from managing a team of engineers to owning a home care franchise may seem like a stretch. That’s because this career change was not simply fueled by … Read More