March 20, 2012Articles, News, Research Process

Right at Home has been franchising over the last 12 years, and what we have found is that there isn’t just one specific mold for our franchisees.  Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds: some with business management backgrounds, others with experience in the health and wellness field, and others with a strong desire … Read More

Three Indicators of a Great Franchise System

June 7, 2011Articles, News, Research Process

I joined Right at Home in 2008 to lead the franchise development team and increase Right at Home’s share of the in-home senior care market. As I conducted my research on Right at Home, it became clear that what I was looking for in a franchise company was very similar to what prospective business owners … Read More

Strategy Aims to Improve Hospitals

May 17, 2011Articles, News

An article recently published in the Los Angeles Times states that the Obama administration has recently passed a regulation that will reward hospitals for quality care. This initiative will motivate healthcare facilities to conform to a high quality of care and service to receive more benefits from Medicare. Low scoring facilities could face a penalty … Read More

Baby Boomers Increase the Need for Geriatric Social Workers

May 6, 2011Articles, News

With the advancements in medicine and technology, the baby boomer generation will have the ability to live much longer than our ancestors. Because of, this growing population of seniors, it creates a demand for geriatric social workers. Recently, the Chicago Tribune highlighted this trend and offered insight into where the industry stands at this current … Read More

How to Prevent Failure

January 2, 2011Articles, News, Research Process

Failure. The word itself invokes intense emotions. For some, that emotion is fear. For others, it’s motivation. I’ve been fortunate to know hundreds of small business owners during my time in franchising. I’ve seen some that were wildly successful who achieved things even they themselves thought were beyond their reach. They grew personally and professionally, … Read More

How is Right at Home Different?

October 15, 2009Articles, News, Research Process

This is a question that me and my team get on a daily basis from prospective franchisees. As I posted on April 23, often times people are looking for a quick and “easy to understand” answer to that question. Some people assume that all senior care companies are pretty much the same. The reality is … Read More

Helping You Stay At Home As You Age

September 15, 2009Articles, News, Podcast, Research Process

Viki Kind, host of Blog Talk Radio, interviewied Allen Hager on September 8, 2009. She covered topics ranging from the services provided by Right at Home to the types of questions a person should ask when looking for a caregiver to provide care to a loved one. Viki also ask Allen about the franchise side … Read More

The Art of Working Backwards

June 26, 2009Articles, Research Process

Do you ever envy those people who always seem to be on a track to achieve something? Do you ever wonder how they do it? The answer is they have a purpose. They know exactly what they want and have figured out what it would take to get it. And they are prepared to do … Read More