Right at Home’s Chief of Strategic Growth, Kerin Zuger

In this conversation, Kerin Zuger, Chief of Strategic Growth with Right at Home, discusses her team’s role within Right at Home to help franchisees grow their top-line revenue through referral networks, strategic partnerships, and government-funded programs.

Fireside Chat | Right at Home Franchise Development

Speakers: Chuck, Jen, and Trevor | Development Directors with Right at Home Duration: 31m 11s Description: Join us for a round table discussion with three Right at Home Development Directors, Jen Chaney, Chuck Prentner, and Trevor Steenholdt. LISTEN NOW

Training and Support with Right at Home

Speaker: Debbie Friedman | Director of Organizational Learning Duration: 28m 3s Description: Right at Home’s Director of Organizational Learning, Debbie Friedman, discusses what Right at Home’s training covers for franchisees both initially and long term.

The Research Process with Right at Home

Speaker: Jeremy Starkel | Right at Home Franchisee in Nebraska Duration: 29m 0s Description: New Right at Home franchise owner, Jeremy Starkel, discusses what it was like going through Right at Home’s research process, what training was like, and what the process was to open his doors.

Industry Outlook

Speaker: Brian Petranick | CEO and President of Right at Home Duration: 29m 0s Description: Brian Petranick discusses how our industry is changing and what we’re doing to take care of more seniors in the years to come!

A Day in the Life of a Franchisee – Ed Mosman

Speaker: Ed Mosman | Right at Home Franchisee Duration: 35m 36s Description: Ed Mosman, a Right at Home Franchisee in Eugene, OR, discusses how he’s grown his business since opening his doors in 2013!

The Franchisor – Franchisee Relationship

Speaker: Brian Petranick | CEO of Right at Home Duration: 30m 29s Description: Brian Petranick, CEO of Right at Home, discusses what the relationship looks like between Right at Home and our Franchisees, potentially you in the near future.

Caregiver Recruitment With Right at Home

Speaker: Stacey Buechler | Director of Emplyee Experience Duration: 31m 43s Description: Stacey Buechler, Director of Employee Experience with Right at Home, discussed what Right at Home is doing to help our franchisees not only recruit, but retain great caregivers!

Caregiver Recruitment at an Industry Level

Speaker: Brian Petranick | CEO of Right at Home Duration: 36m 17s Description: Please join us for a discussion with Brian Petranick, CEO of Right at Home, as he discusses the landscape of caregiver recruitment from an industry perspective.

Strategic Partnerships

Speaker: Kerin Zuger | Vice President of Business Development with Right at Home Duration: 26m 01s Description: On this particular Tuesday at 2 PM, Kerin Zuger discusses the partnerships her team has developed to improve client outcomes and help franchisees.