Karen Kochhar’s professional background as an engineer in corporate America may not appear to align with her current position as a multi-office Right at Home® Franchise Owner. Going from managing a team of engineers to owning a home care franchise may seem like a stretch. That’s because this career change was not simply fueled by past professional experience. Her decision was very much personal.

After her own experience caring for her grandparents and mother-in-law, Kochhar more than empathized with the position so many families face and wanted to help.

“Making a difference every single day in the lives of older people and their families is the reason I love what I do,” said Kochhar. “This work is not for everyone, but if you are able to walk in this space, it is a privilege.”

“What drew me to Right at Home, aside from good data and a strong model, was the culture,” Kochhar said. “From the very beginning, Right at Home was responsive, transparent and really wanted to do the right thing.”

Kochhar operates in two Arizona offices and has never looked back. “From a pragmatic perspective, Right at Home’s best practices allowed me to focus on the aspects that interested me most. I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, I just had to follow the model.” Kochhar said.

Kochhar finds that staying in touch with families and developing relationships with other Right at Home® Franchise Owners and caregivers has also impacted her life. It also drives her to continue growing and learning.

“Engagement is key. The training is top-notch. I’m in a performance group of Right at Home Owners and go to the training programs every year. Aside from what you learn, the like-mindedness of the people you train with is amazing. I have made some true friendships.” Kochhar said.

With almost five years under her belt and a staff of over 80 caretakers, Kochhar feels that she has found her mission and the right people to help her further it.

“When I interview caretakers, I’m very interested in their purpose, not just their credentials,” Kochhar said. “A lot of the conversations we have center around loss—the loss of control or confidence, and treating people with respect and dignity. Offering different options to people going through this and coaching them on their choices is what makes this work so fulfilling.”

Kochhar believes that partnering with Right at Home® awarded her the opportunity to experience both professional and personal success. Her decision to leave corporate America changed her life for better. If you’re interested in owning a home care franchise that can change lives—including your own—contact us today and get started.