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In this Tuesday Talk, Dawn Drazdys, Chief Marketing Office at @RightatHomeCare , talks with Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, about how Right at Home Corporate helps and supports franchisees in marketing to potential clients and caregivers.

Brand Fund

The Brand Fund is used to enhance and support the National Right at Home brand. Brand Fund also supports Right at Home Corporate in providing local franchisees with digital files for Signage, ads, brochures, flyers, or other types of collateral, but the franchise needs to pay for the printing of any local items. Other items the franchisee pays for are placement costs associated with local print or help-wanted ads, car wraps, outdoor boards, local radio, etc.  The brand fund does not provide for Corporate to hire a recruiter or a person who would find new caregivers. 

Brand Fund helps support our presence at 8-10 national trade shows per year representing the brand. Most of these are with referral sources. It also supports having people in Washington DC that advocate for Right at Home on senior issues.

Working Relationship – Marketing & Franchisees

For any National advertising paid through the brand fund, local franchisees don’t have to do anything. That may include television, pay-per-click, Google Display Ads, or site retargeting. A franchise owner may want to contribute additional monies to increase the amount of pay-per-click in their local area. The ad has been created by corporate, but the franchisee may want to contribute to increasing the longevity of the ad, working with the agency to indicate the amount they would like to spend. Reporting is provided via a dashboard to the local franchise. Corporate also provides a pitch package every month with specific senior care subject matter. It includes areas for the local franchise to customize before being sent to the media.

Franchisee Advertising Reports

If you participate in the incremental spend program, you will be given a dashboard for to review your local area advertising reports. If you are not participating in a digital spend but would like to review those reports, Corporate can access the information and send it to you as well.

Finding Local Services

When asked what is the number one way clients find Right at Home services, Drazdys reported that Word of Mouth or Referrals have been recorded as the primary way clients have found the service. Corporate marketing also believes in recommending current clients to provide a Google review on services the client received as the second best way clients are found is through paid or organic search. The Corporate office strives to have the ads appear at the top of the page.

Caregiver Job Search

The number one way caregivers find employment opportunities from local Right at Home franchisees is through job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Search.

Website Maintenance

A team of online marketing specialists (OMS) will set up your website. The OMS will work with the owner to customize it with local information and services. Corporate does keep control of the website for the cohesiveness of the brand, and the OMS will upload your local blog posts to your website. National blog posts are posted automatically to the website. You can write your own and submit them to the OMS. Or, there is an incremental spend program where you can work with a copy company to produce additional content for you.

Keeping Franchisees Informed

On a high level, Drazdys says Corporate works with the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC), a group of franchise owners who were voted in, to participate in all strategic roadmap items. The SLC is involved in budgeting and allocations. Also meeting notes are recorded and shared with the system via town halls. A marketing calendar is also available from the brand folder, which notes when social and blog posts are going out.

Marketing Education

Is it hard to be a Right at Home owner without a marketing background? Absolutely not, your OMS or your Business performance coach can answer your questions or point you to a subject matter expert located within the Centers of Excellence. 

Social Media & Referrals

From a social perspective, Facebook has been set up with a parent-child relationship. Whenever Corporate posts nationally, it will flow to all of the Facebook pages. They provide standard templates that local franchisees can use. Franchise focus should be on LinkedIn and Facebook. Right at Home also provide assets for the local franchisee to use, located on our Hub. These assets can also be provided to referral sources if there is a need for webinars or pitch packages. Corporate can set up an integrity sales program for the local franchise salespeople.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement is fast approaching and is the annual conference held for franchise owners, their staff, corporate staff, and international master licensees. It is an opportunity to learn from other owners, network, and listen to SMEs on the recruitment and retention of caregivers, office staff, and schedulers. Right at Home Corporate brings in some fantastic outside speakers to talk about leadership skills and other business owner traits. 

Philanthropic Programs

Right at Home considers it an honor to be a national sponsor for Parkinson’s awareness and a sponsor for the Free Wheelchair Mission. Right at Home’s President’s Circle recently provided supplies to children in the Dominican.

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