Meet the Family | Matt Field

Duration: 22m 1s

Description: Matt Field, a Right at Home franchisee from North Suburban Chicago, talks about his experiences and the support he has received in our senior care franchise network.  Matt owns one location and two territories and has been in business for almost ten years. 

Having time for family, Iron Man competitions, and triathlons is very important to Matt, and ownership in a Right at Home franchise still allows him the time to set his own schedule, work hard, and balance outside activities.

Wanting to do something on his own that felt good, and touched lives in a positive way, Matt connected with a business broker who presented a variety of different opportunities. Right at Home was one of those. Feeling connected to the business model and having a history of success were two of the most important factors for making his decision. He felt the people at Right at Home were involved for the right reasons, not only growing businesses but furthering the mission. He found that to be true for the last ten years, and wouldn’t give it up for anything. 

Matt plans on attending the Home Improvement annual conference for franchisee owners, and is looking forward to learning from the inspiring and motivating sessions. He always gets new ideas to implement into his business and its culture. Practical sessions focus on recruitment, sales, and marketing. He enjoys the atmosphere and gets great value in connecting with fellow franchisees, as well as corporate staff.

At this point in his business evolution, Matt is working “on” the business more than “in” the business, which he really enjoys. The day starts with a staff morning huddle, setting priorities. Matt focuses a lot on strategy, financial aspects, vendor procurement, helping set the tone, direction and culture. Depending on the day, time is spent working with office employees on problem-solving, managing their responsibilities, communicating with clients as needed, and thinking about how to take the business to the next step. Matt discussed the ability to successfully grow the business and the importance of hiring a really strong team of employees who can handle the day-to-day stuff.

Like with most franchise owners, it took about five to six years for Matt to be able to empower and delegate a lot of his work because it was “his” business. But, once he was able to put his faith in his employees and empower them, that gave him the confidence to step back. His office also has an on-call manager, which was a game changer, not having to worry about on-call regularly.

Matt enjoys thinking out of the box about different ways to get to the places they need to be. For example, when the pandemic broke out, typical sales and marketing processes had to pivot significantly. Matt explains how his team worked with nurses and social workers on providing CEU credits when no one was offering them because of lockdowns. The office was able to find ways to be relevant and continue to be needed by referral sources.

There are always parts of the business that are not as enjoyable, such as on-call issues. Matt noted it is important for all owners to be involved in all aspects of the business so they can understand those parts, guiding employees, understanding their stressors, and learning how to respond in a human way. It really helped him to create a lot of loyalty and longevity among his employees.

Matt offered two pieces of advice to other franchisees: Hire well and empower your employees. If you put your trust in your employees, it gets paid back to you in dividends.

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