Meet the Family | Harley Cohen

Duration: 10m 38s

Description:  In 2005 Harley Cohen came to be a Right at Home franchisee in North Dallas, TX, after looking for more meaningful work.  He was interested in home care and also wanted to utilize his marketing skills.

His background was mostly in sales, marketing, and financial services.  However, Harley did not have any healthcare experience and was told a healthcare background was not required. Having the support of the franchisor and other franchisees when he had a question was extremely beneficial.

A typical day for Cohen is constantly adapting. He might need to meet with a family to determine personalized care. His operation team may have a question they were not sure on how to address, or doing whatever they could to support their caregivers who provide the care. They want to make sure they are highly responsive to the families they service.

The best support he’s received is from the home office.  Harley Cohen says the Corporate office has the ability to get him to the right people if any question arise with regards to operations. The headquarters in Omaha is able to support the franchisees and that is critical in this business as owners have to serve their clients regardless of the support they get. He also noted as an owner you need to have your own personal willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Additional support comes from the education gained at the national conference, Home Improvement.  It is the coming together as a brand and as a family noted Cohen. It’s great to see all the franchisees who can attend and the leadership of Omaha aligned as a strong brand, especially after enduring the pandemic.

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