Our Professional Advantage Is Personal

We may be a global corporation, but it feels like family.

The Right Industry

There is a growing need for home care across America. It is estimated that there will be nearly 84 million Americans over the age of 65 by the year 2050. With so many more adults who will be in need of care, added pressure falls on family caregivers, many of whom choose not to live close to home as they build their lives and families. On average, adults over the age of 60 live more than 280 miles from their nearest child.

Despite the challenges that many older adults face, most of them want to remain in their own homes as they age, and in-home care services can help make that possible in the long term. 

As a Right at Home franchise owner, you’ll have the ability to make a real impact on your local community while also building a legacy for your family.


The History of Right at Home

Right at Home was founded in 1995 by Allen Hager after he spent nearly a decade working in hospital administration. Having seen firsthand how many older patients were being readmitted to the hospital after returning home with no one to care for them, Allen decided to help bridge the gap by launching a home care company. After five years in business, Allen decided to open up the business to franchise opportunities in an effort to bring home care help to seniors across America.

Today, Right at Home has over 700 locations across six countries and more than 90 support staff located at our global corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Our offices have provided over 280 million hours of care to our clients. For our individual franchise owners, the average annual net billing per office is nearly $1.45 million1+ with a 46.93% profit margin2+.