Meet the Family | Mike Steiner

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Description: Mike Steiner utilized his background in the Navy and as a project manager in making his decision in 2013 to become a Right at Home senior care franchisee in Northern Lake County, IL

Steiner was gravitated towards the home care industry because he had enjoyed taking care of his mom, stepmom, and a great aunt. A friend told him about the home care and senior care industry. So following some research, Mike decided on Right at Home, and he found it to be a natural fit.

Steiner was able to contact other owners of the franchise in his territory and around where his territory would actually be. He personally met or spoke with each owner to find out if they were allies and wanted him to success. The other franchise owners were great!

Mike says all the regional franchise owners met quarterly prior to Covid. They are now looking forward to face-to-face meetings again. Prior to a meeting, owners are sent a request to propose topics for the agenda. Typical meetings are a collaboration of best practices, what’s working, and what’s not working.

Steiner has attended every Home Improvement conference, Right at Home’s annual national conference, since he purchased a franchise. Mike said, “It’s been extremely powerful to talk with other owners, make contacts and keeps in touch with them.” Home Improvement is an annual gathering of all the franchisees in the system attending different sessions on recruiting, managing people, marketing or ways to build your business.

A typical day starts with Steiner catching up on emails. He has a fantastic team, and they take care of most of the issues. It’s important to hire a good team and do whatever you can to support them. It is also about building relationships with others in the community, so he is involved in many health-related organizations and local area agencies on aging.

Corporate provides valuable experts and tools to their franchise owners.  Mike has been provided a business coach who he or his staff can contact when they need additional knowledge.  They can also reach out to Right at Home support.

Steiner’s advice to prospects is to “Just do it.” The brand and processes are strong. Corporate will support you, but you will need to be able to become a part of the community, have self discipline, and a commitment to get things done.

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