Meet the Family | Reid Grier

Duration: 13m 5s

Description: Meet Right at Home franchise owner Reid Grier in Miami, FL, as he talks about his experience in the Right at Home senior care franchise network. Reid first purchased a resale and now has four territories. He chose Right at Home because he was looking for a franchise system that mainly focused on service-based businesses, and there was a low capital investment required to run the company. Also, the Miami offices had been well run businesses.  The team at corporate were knowledgeable and really hit home that Right at Home was a great franchise opportunity.

Since his first purchase was a resale, Brian didn’t have to start from scratch. With just three operational people, Brian started out being involved in everything, recommending there is no better way to learn than to just dive it. Over the past six months to a year, he has tried to transition to working on the business and not in the business, i.e., thinking of new ways for growth financially, reviewing new service offerings, attending strategic meetings, networking, and looking for mergers or acquisition opportunities.

Reid felt the corporate level of support provided by the employees and support from other franchisees was very valuable. Corporate was amazing with regard to dealing with COVID. The weekly Town Halls kept his team up to date on ever-changing legislation. The Business Performance Coach is now one of his biggest assets.  He can bounce ideas off him, and connects him with other owners that have gone through the same process.

Reid advises prospective franchisees talk to as many owners as possible. The information you learn from the people who have been in the trenches is invaluable. He also recommends to invest in your business and your people. Find good people to work for you and under you. Hold on to those people and incentivize them.

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