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Description: Amy and Nabon Marsico, Right at Home franchisees in Roselle, IL, talk about their experiences with Right at Home once they made their decision to purchase.

The Marsico’s purchased their franchise in January 2021, in the thick of COVID. Amy runs the daily operations as she had a background in accounting.  She felt her accounting background helped with payroll, billing and budgeting. Nabon’s career was in the military. He thought Right at Home had very thorough processes in place.

Over the years, the Marsico’s talked about being business owners, having financial stability and working for themselves. At the beginning of the pandemic, they started talking about home care opportunities. After that, the research started.  While looking at different franchise opportunities, a Right at Home resale franchise opened up.

Amy said the help received from corporate and their performance coaches was so valuable during the first six months. The coaches walked her through everything. After going through the processes a couple of times, she knew exactly what she was doing. Within the first year, Amy tried meeting as many clients as she could to get a better understanding of the specific care needed to be given by caregivers.

The Marsico’s really enjoy having a Right at Home franchise, but wanted to note there is no perfect business. There are stressful days. For example, a caregiver gets COVID, and Amy has to figure out how to get someone in to see the client. You need to have a backup, and immediately find help for your client. You never want to call a client and tell them “Sorry, the caregiver is not going to make it today.”

A typical week starts out with payroll, billing, and mid-week is an office staff meeting to review all the clients, and caregivers, and how clients are doing. Last couple days of the week are days to go out and see clients. However, random items can pop-up, and Amy may have to go to a client to assist.

Having established franchise owners in the state is amazing. Amy has never had a bad experience in talking with them. They always provide an honest answer, have been able to meet together at least once this past year, and are a positive experience for a new owner. Nabon said that having the franchise owner support as a resource is really, really helpful.

Corporate is also one of Amy’s main resources, because even if they can’t help specifically, they usually have a company or contact to reference, and are able to jump on a call to walk her through items. 

The Marsico’s wanted to provide some advice for prospective franchise owners: We chose Right at Home because we agreed with the Right at Home philosophy, and genuinely like senior citizens. Find your purpose, do your due diligence, and make sure the business aligns with your purpose.

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