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Description: Right at Home’s Business Performance Coach Brian Curtis, talks about what a Business Performance Coach does to support franchisees, what their engagement looks like, and some of the tools they use to help franchisees thrive. The following is a summary of the discussion: 

  • In addition to Brian Curtis, who services the Northeast region, there are five additional coaches who each have a different region within the US. The Business Performance Coaches function as a team, and have various subject matter experience. 
  • The Business Performance Coach is the person you can always call, who can navigate you to an SME, work with you through issues. The BPC wants to motivate the owners, help to set goals, and get the franchisee through any crisis. 
  • The coach’s job is to make the franchisee successful and to work through situations together for a better outcome. They are there to push you, and make sure you are doing things the right way to have long-term success. They have the difficult conversations with you and offer expertise along the way, as well as best practices.
  • Calls to new franchise owners are scheduled weekly, while tenured owners may happen only monthly or quarterly. A different set of coaching is provided to a franchise owner who is buying an existing franchise. It may be weekly for the first few months. We also try to visit new owners in the field after three months, and established franchises at least every other year.
  • New owner may also be new to the industry, so coaches provide research, look at different regulations, and may bring in different subject matter experts. In many cases, new owners are not much different than tenured owners, but we may spend more time with them.
  • Business Performance Coaches can set up a hosting of calls where a peer group, i.e., scheduler interface with other schedulers, can learn skills, interact, etc.
  • When you buy in a franchise system, there may be other franchisees in the same state. At our Right at Home annual conference, called Home Improvement, we can introduce new franchise owners with other owners in the same state/region. The franchise may purchase a certain geographical area or zip codes, but there are differences between each franchise. It is important to understand your neighbor may have different services, pricing, times of servicing clients. The more you know about your neighbor, the better the relationship will be.
  • Right at Home has a metrics dashboard, which measures different items such as number of calls or inquiries the owner is getting, conversion rates, applicant process rates, financial information.
  • Franchise owners are encouraged to network with their peers. There are a lot of states that have regular meetings, such as New York where the locations are really consolidated. Others may meet quarterly. Discussions can cover pricing issues, what’s going on in your area, and just to develop relationships. 
  • Performance Groups or peer groups have been created by Right at Home to facilitate getting to know individuals within the system. There is a lot of sharing. It’s owners helping owners. 
  • Brian suggested the most engaged offices are the most successful. Participate in the town hall meetings hosted by the CEO, read the weekly update. Stay informed and up-to-date in this every-changing industry. Communicate with your Business Performance Coach. Don’t be afraid to call your coach, as we want to hear from you.


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