The Art of Working Backwards

June 26, 2009Articles, Research Process

Do you ever envy those people who always seem to be on a track to achieve something? Do you ever wonder how they do it? The answer is they have a purpose. They know exactly what they want and have figured out what it would take to get it. And they are prepared to do … Read More

You’ve climbed the career ladder. What’s next?

April 30, 2009Articles, News, Research Process

I’ve spoken with many prospective franchisees over the years. Many of them have been at the proverbial fork in the road. They’ve usually had a good life so far, created their family, and saved a few dollars along the way. But, after successfully climbing the career ladder for several years, sometimes people find themselves wondering, … Read More

Senior Care Franchises – How Do You Tell Them Apart?

April 23, 2009Articles, News, Research Process

At Right at Home, we hear from a lot of people who are interested in researching the “senior care” industry. One of the most common questions is “How are you different from your competitors?” Prospective franchisees are often looking for a profound answer to this question…something that will make them say “aha” and make the … Read More

Franchise Advice for Evaluating a Franchise

April 17, 2009Articles, News, Research Process

As you evaluate any franchise, speaking to the existing franchisees is a critical part of the process. There’s simply no substitute for talking directly with them about their day to day activities as a franchisee and their relationship with the people at the corporate office. It’s easy for a franchise company to claim to have … Read More

3 Questions

April 2, 2009Articles, Research Process

Hi again! Over the years I have had the good fortune to speak with a lot of people interested in owning their own business. Through those conversations I’ve learned that you need to consider these three things when researching potential businesses and franchises: “Is this a business that I can be good at?” I know … Read More

Should You Own A Home Care Franchise?

March 7, 2009Articles, Research Process

Home Care is growing and is a big part of the senior care equation. The National Senior Living Providers Network (NSLPN) recently interviewed Eric Little, our Vice President of Franchise Development, and one of our newer franchisees, Brian Maroney, in the New Jersey area. The NSLPN was curious to find out whether franchising is the … Read More