Executive Update with Right at Home | May 3rd, 2022

Duration: 28m 36s

Description: Margaret Haynes, CEO of Right at Home, reviews Right at Home’s annual conference, Home Improvement. Home Improvement allows franchisees time to connect and learn best practices from subject matter experts each year.  Here is a summary of the discussion topics:

  • Pre-sessions at Home Improvement for franchisees and their office staff focused on caregivers… how to attract, retrain, retain, and recruit, noting the first 90 days of a caregiver’s employment can have a large impact on their retention.
  • CEO Address – One Brand, One Purpose, One Mission. Margaret Haynes spoke on the foundation of Right at Home, what we have learned through loss, resilience, and perseverance, and what can we use from the past year to drive us forward, improving our business model, with caregiver acquisition/retention, demand, operational efficiencies, and how we can help individuals age gracefully throughout the world.
  • Franchisees can provide input on the 2023 subject matter for the next conference, to be held in Orlando, Florida, through a content committee of owners and office staff so the conference is meaningful to all attendees.
  • Making the model better, making the owners more successful.  @Right at Home  engages with national partnerships they bring forward to the individual owners as navigators in the aging process. Haynes discusses how the workforce contains over four generations of workers and how owners need to adjust to those different age groups. Marketing is always looking at how consumer behavior is changing, adapting our marketing and branding to competent caregivers and clients.
  • Who can attend? Haynes notes franchise owners, of course, and owners can also choose to bring office staff as a reward or a way to make them feel part of the bigger picture. There are many vendor partners, and corporate employees, in attendance.
  • Keynote Speakers at the conference included Kendra Hall (Value of Storytelling) and Aron Ralston (American Mountaineer Overcoming Obstacles).
  • Jen Chaney discusses other areas of interest for new and tenured franchise owners, like the Exhibit Hall and franchisee sessions with a wide range of topic matters.
  • Final Day included Solution Rooms, where rooms are broken down by franchise owner tenure, in which owners can brainstorm and share best practices with other owners going through the same issues.
  • Franchise owners also spoke on specific topics, as we love to tap into the knowledge base across the system. 
  • Caregiver of the Year Award – this was presented at the conference to honor some of the top caregivers in the system. Right at Home franchises like to show appreciation by nominating at least 1 caregiver, and then an internal panel of industry members selects 8 regional winners and 1 national winner.

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