Jason DiPietro Interviewed by 1851 Franchise

Duration: 21m 12s

Description: Hear Jason DiPietro’s story of how he became a franchisee with Right at Home Jason was a real estate investor and engineer. He was looking for more independence, knew he wanted to own his own business, and started a franchise search. He also worked with a franchise consultant who introduced him to Right at Home as a business that also had a purpose and mission.

When asked, “What three things prospective franchisees should do before selecting a franchise and signing a franchise agreement,” Jason answered with the following.

1. Education – Education is vital to evaluate what to buy, the value the brand offers, and the purpose you serve.
2. Working with a Franchise Consultant – It’s helpful because they give you insight into franchise systems and what may be working.
3. Make Validation Calls to Existing Franchisees – Jason made over 12 validation calls to existing franchisees, and they were critical. When making validation calls, it’s essential to understand the franchisee’s personality and perspective and ask yourself whether or not the franchisee is like you.

Watch the full interview hosted by 1851 Franchise on the “A Conversation With,” podcast series.