Meet the Family | Claudine and Scott Dean

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Description: Chuck Prentner, Franchise Development Director,  @Right at Home , speaks with Claudine and Scott Dean, Right at Home franchisees from Detroit, Michigan. They joined the Right at Home senior care franchise system in 2014 and currently have offices covering 3 territories.

The Dean’s provide an insider look at what it is like to be a Right at Home franchise owner.

Claudine and Scott Dean’s franchises are located in the Detroit Metro area. Claudine had been on the finance side of a career in Orthopedics, and was wanting to get out of being behind a desk. She wanted to be an entrepreneur. So after 18 months of research, and having aging parents at home that needed help, Claudine, a single mom, cashed out her retirement and bought into the Right at Home franchise system with two territories. She found Right at Home on a franchise website, and gathered more information on it, met with the Right at Home corporate team, and it felt like the right ship. She also acknowledged her peers were aging, and realized the need for this service. A year later, she purchased a third territory that came up for sale.

A couple of years after Claudine was in business, she met Scott. He was her sounding board for many, many years, and now he works the business with her after getting married about one year ago. Scott had prior experience in sales, marketing and had owned his own franchise business for six years. They had similar mindsets, both with an entrepreneurial spirit. Scott said you need to have the stamina and fortitude to stick with it. They did make continual, gradual growth. There is a big conversion from being an employee to being an entrepreneur or an employer who is head cook and bottle washer, all at one time.

Scott noted typical days are somewhat very stable, consistent predictable days, but that can also change at any time. The first thing in the morning, they look at the schedule in anticipation of start times and keeping an eye on the pulse of the business. Claudine said they are at the office every day, and it sets them apart from their competitors. They are involved in the business and can be found traveling the territory, doing meet and greets, assessments, networking, marketing, meeting referral sources, phone calls, etc. Some days are highly unpredictable, and there are days when we get to catch up on all the things we didn’t get to the week before. They do have one and a half persons in the office for scheduling, so there is somebody keeping feet on the ground in the office.

Claudine started the business with two undeveloped territories, and was working long days and wearing many hats. Her best advice would be to invest in your infrastructure and trust the system. Scott said that your product is services, so the more devoted you are to your business, the greater your reputation and your referral sources. The client base is never ending as there are always aging people, and the stability of the business is highly dependable given your hard work and dedication to your own franchise.

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