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Description: Chuck Prentner, Franchise Development Director,  @Right at Home , speaks with Claudine and Scott Dein, Right at Home franchisees from Detroit, Michigan. They joined the Right at Home senior care franchise system in 2014 and currently have offices covering three territories.

The Dein’s provide an insider look at what it is like to be a Right at Home franchise owner.

Michigan native Claudine Marosi-Dein was living out her childhood dream: working in the field of professional business accounting. A hard worker from day one, Claudine eventually worked her way up to serve as VP of Finance and Compliance of the Great Lakes Division of an Orthopedic Implant company.

But after achieving her professional goal, Claudine began to re-evaluate what she wanted out of life when the President of her company announced his retirement in 2013.

“I had a wonderful career, but I just didn’t want to spend my life sitting behind a desk anymore,” Claudine recalls. “I was interested in entrepreneurship, and I spent 18 months researching different opportunities.”

Finding Freedom With Right at Home

Claudine knew she wanted to grow something, to build a business from the ground up, but she wasn’t quite sure about which industry to pursue. Eventually, her research brought her to Right at Home, and she knew it was the exact opportunity she was looking for.

“I gathered so much information during that time, and looked on every type of franchise website out there,” Claudine recalled. “Without sounding too cliche, finding Right at Home just felt like the right fit for me.”

As a single mom, Claudine took a big leap of faith by investing in her own business. She decided to cash out her retirement in 2014 to buy two new territories in Dearborn and Down River, and dove into launching the business headfirst.

“It was a little scary, but I took a leap of faith. After meeting with the Right at Home team, I was even more confident this was what I wanted to do,” she said. “And in the beginning, I was working 20-hour days to get my two undeveloped territories off the ground. It was insane, but it was so worth it.”

Within a year of opening her two Right at Home territories, Claudine had found success; so much so, in fact, that she was able to buy an additional existing territory when the opportunity arose.

Expanding the Business, And Her Family

A few years after purchasing her franchise, Claudine started dating Scott Dein, a fellow entrepreneur and her greatest sounding board. Scott brought a lot of sales and marketing experience to the table, and served as an unofficial business partner for Claudine, until officially entering the business with her in 2022, about a year into their marriage.

“Well, after a 6-year trial period, Claudine finally decided to add me to the Right at Home team!” Scott joked. “I’ve been able to help Claudine navigate all the successes and failures. A big part of what drives us both is the commitment to working on the business, because the stability of the business is highly dependable on your hard work and dedication.”

In the near decade since Claudine bought her franchise, her role has evolved, but she’s still very involved in the daily operations of the business.

“A typical day now usually involves running around doing meet and greets within our territory, doing client assessments, networking, marketing, and getting facetime in with referral sources. Or, sometimes, we’re back here in the office interviewing potential employees and caregivers, making phone calls, or fielding problems that pop up. Some days are unpredictable, and some are kind of quiet, and we can catch up on work from the week prior,” Claudine said.

“Maintaining a grasp on the daily schedule is important,” adds Scott. “The schedule is really the pulse of the business, and we continue to think about it proactively throughout the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

Advice For New Owners

Claudine recognizes that Right at Home ownership requires you to wear many hats, but the key to success is finding the right people to help support you as the captain of the ship.

“You have to invest in your infrastructure.  I didn’t at first because I thought I was SuperWoman,” said Claudine. “It turns out I’m not! I was exhausted after two years of going full speed without a break–it’s not sustainable. You need to invest in your infrastructure and trust the system that you’re buying into.”

Scott is in agreement that he has a great deal of confidence in the business model offered by Right at Home. He acknowledges a big part of becoming a successful franchise owner is the level of devotion you have to your business.

“The more devoted you are to your business, the greater your reputation, and the more referral sources you’ll receive,” he said.

Ultimately, that devotion has paid off for Claudine and Scott, as their business continues to grow.

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