Meet the Family | Karen Kochhar

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Description: After speaking with a number of different franchising opportunities, Karen Kochhar felt Right at Home had great transparency and a proven track record.  Karen opened her Right at Home franchisee in Oro Valley, AZ, in 2013.  She now has two territories in Arizona, with about 75 caregivers and services over 100 clients a week. 

Karen had a background in electrical engineering for 15 years, then spent 14 years raising her children. When she decided to go back to the workforce, she became interested in elder care because of her grandparents. Going through the research process, she came upon Right at Home.

After speaking with a number of different franchising opportunities, Karen felt Right at Home had great transparency. They answered all of her questions, all of the time.

With Right at Home, Karen had a place to start with a proven track record. She had the flexibility to change things the way she wanted to changed them that made it more authentic and meaningful to her.

No two days are the same. Karen gets to control her own destiny.  She says that caring for people is like project management, very complicated and a little messy. It’s a little bit like surfing, you have to be good at riding waves. The great part is taking care of people; they each have their own story and own journey.

Home Improvement is a national gathering for Right at Home Franchises and Karen is excited about the deliberate culture being built at the conferences and how the information gets transmitted to attendees. She enjoys meeting people from different places, backgrounds, and all the different reasons they decided to work at Right at Home. The owners and staff are working towards a bigger purpose than themselves, and doing this for the right reason. 

Karen chose Right at Home because she wanted to do for other families what she had done for her grandparents. It is very fulfilling to make a difference in people’s lives, women and men, but mostly women in this space.  You need to have a great heart to do this work.

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