By: Eric Little, Vice President of Franchise Development for Right at Home

Too often, prospective business owners view owning a business as a destination instead of a path. They say their goal is to own a business, and for some perhaps that’s true. But for most, owning a business simply represents the path that will help them accomplish something bigger. That “something bigger” (destination) could be a better lifestyle for their family. It could also be independence and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are in complete control of their family’s future, without the worry of what would happen if they lost their job. And of course, there’s usually an element of wanting to help others as well. As you might expect, I hear these motivations and dozens of others often, each manifested in their own unique way. The reality is that most Right at Home franchisees join us with the goal of being successful, by whatever definition they have for “success,” and a drive to do something that matters. For years now, we’ve referred to this destination as Success with Significance℠.

We see Success with SignificanceSM as the destination on the horizon that many folks are working toward, not just with their business, but also with their overall lives. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of navigating a boat toward its destination, you know what I’m talking about here. It’s a lot easier to get where you’re going if you have a fixed point on the horizon that you’re working toward. The same applies to your life. If you get up every day and go through the motions, with no real purpose or goal for why you do what you do, your path may eventually take you to some place that you don’t want to be.

So, we encourage folks who are considering business ownership to put some time into thinking about this destination. Don’t just own a business for the sake of saying you own a business. Have a purpose, a destination! If you don’t have it now, invest the time to find one. For many Right at Home owners, that purpose is indeed Success with Significance℠.

I’ll give you one other quick piece of advice. Sticking with the boat analogy, visualize yourself at the helm of that boat. You’ve got your destination (Success with Significance℠ in this example) in your sight. Now, look at the water between you and your destination. Literally and figuratively, that water is what stands between you and where you want to go. Within the water you’ll find all sorts of obstacles, such as fear and doubt, as well as friends and “advisors” who might question your decision. And you’ll likely find some of the less desirable operational components of the business that you’re considering as well. In our business, you might be worried about what happens when caregivers call in sick, for example. Indeed, this can be choppy water! But if you stay focused on your destination, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to see which of these obstacles are real, and which are not. The reality is that your boat can float right past many of the obstacles in your path – as long as it is pointed in the right direction.